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If you have Home Studio in your home, it will be very useful to use reference headphones. You can record or mix at any time of the day. Your home or neighbors won’t bother. So working with headphones is a huge advantage. If we come to the disadvantages of working with the ear, it can be tiring when you work for a long time. The ambience effects you use when you mix with headphones are Reverb and Delay, you have the possibility to hear treble some frequency more than the model of the headphones, and this may be badly reflected in your mix. The best reference monitor is the reference monitor you’re used to. The way to understand this is through practicing a lot. As Now You Tech, we have reviewed the top 5 Studio headphones for you.


If you don’t have a passion for music, spend $ 5 on headphones! Giving $ 1000 to a headphone may sound ridiculous, but your opinion may change after you take it. Firstly, when we look at the carrying case, it is extra durable against all external impacts. It has an air and water tight bag. AUDEZE LCD – 2 has composite coating on the outside, aluminum parts and very soft lamb skin. You can access the technical specifications of the AUDEZE LCD – 2 earphones, consisting of fine and small details, on the website.

2: AKG K712 PRO

AKG, which is preferred by many sound engineers, offers a unique experience for mixing and mastering with this model. With the on-ear design, you won’t feel tired while working long hours. You can reach the technical specifications of the AKG K712 PRO headset from the website.


The ultimate point in dynamic headphone design is HD 650! It offers an impressive and exciting performance thanks to its advanced materials. Enjoy the perfect mix! You can find the technical specifications of the Sennheiser HD 650 headset on the website.


Focal, one of the leading brands of the industry with its monitor and quality hi-fi, offers a professional performance with the FOCAL CLEAR PRO model. FOCAL CLEAR PRO, designed for high quality sound, is also dazzling with its headphone design. You can access the technical specifications of the FOCAL CLEAR PRO headphones from the website.


We can say that DT 1990 PRO headphones produced on Mixing and Mastering are absolutely flawless. This headset with Tesla Technology will take your performance to the highest level! You can access the technical specifications of this headset, which has rich fine details, from the website.