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4 Health Hazards And Precautions That Await Musicians

Health problems are very common in the workplace. It can range from mild injuries to chronic pain to debilitating health conditions. Some workplaces can make you more susceptible to infectious diseases. For musicians, it’s the same. The most common condition that musicians can get chronic is an earache. Daily activities such as practicing, rehearsing, working in the studio can cause various health problems. If you’ve been to the conservatory to study music, you’ve probably heard stories of students dropping out of school or leaving music due to injuries caused by excessive practice or poor technique.

Many musicians end up with tinnitus or other hearing problems due to repeated exposure to loud music and problematic frequencies. And we can all be deaf from an early age. One in four people suffers from mental health problems each year, which disproportionately affects musicians. Having a long career in the industry requires you to maintain your health and stamina over the years. Here are some common health problems that musicians face and the steps you can take to prevent them.

Repetitive Motion Discomfort

Athletes, musicians, and people working in offices are all affected by this problem as their work requires them to make repetitive movements. Musicians are likely to have wrist problems, shoulder/elbow problems, back problems, and arthritis problems in their fingers. You may feel pain, tenderness, stiffness, throbbing, tingling, numbness, or cramping. At first, these symptoms are easy to ignore, but without proper treatment, the pain can become unbearable and prolonged. Many music careers are cut short by these problems.

Proper Warm-up – Technique and Posture Position

Poor technique is the primary cause of injury. Especially if you practice or rehearse a lot. Kurt Cobain suffered a terrible backache because his guitar was so heavy and so low. Obviously, you want to wear your guitar on stage whenever you want, but when you practice and practice, you’re doing it wrong if you don’t pay attention to how you stand or sit. A few minutes of warm-up with your instrument (or your voice if you’re a singer) greatly reduces the risk of injury or strain. You can also be sure that you will feel better when you go on stage.

Tinnitus and Hearing Loss due to Loud Volume

All musicians are at risk of hearing loss due to noise. This is obviously a problem because your work depends on your ears. In addition to hearing loss, musicians may face an annoying chronic problem such as tinnitus. Live music players are particularly at risk for hearing loss. The reason is a bad sound system, a bad Amplifier, and an endless crowded environment. In the studio, even constant exposure to harsh frequencies and loud music can be bad. I would like to offer a few tips on how to reduce these problems.

Use Earplugs When Playing Live Music

You should always wear earplugs and headphones at a live loud concert. If you are thinking of wearing earplugs to shows, you can get a pair of custom ear jewelry available at any music store. These bracelets do not block the sound frequencies coming to the ear, they only decrease the rate of incoming sound, so you are not deprived of some sound frequency ranges. You do not go to the hardware store to buy the spigots used by the builders.

General Health

The lifestyle of musicians may not seem difficult, but on the contrary, it is difficult without realizing it. In other words, young musicians are unaware that, thanks to the vigor of their bodies, harmful behaviors such as working late at night and supporting them with drinking and smoking are exhausting their bodies. But think about it, I’m sure it happened. Let’s say you have to do live music or a concert in another city. After the road fatigue, you end the road with snack foods bought from gas stations, cigarettes, and maybe alcohol. Then, until late, entertainment parties are passed with live music, etc. Doing this vicious cycle all the time will wear you out tremendously. Be careful.

Mental Health in Musicians

One of the biggest problems in the music industry is the lack of understanding of mental health and the lack of resources for musicians. Too many great musicians get caught up in depression, addiction, or other mental illnesses. No support, no sick leave, no vacation time. In fact, simple things like a little regular bed sleep, breakfast, and spending time at home in front of the TV in the evening can improve your mood and reduce stress. However, as a musician, you can see a therapist right away if you still feel stress and fatigue and the fear is starting to lead you in other ways. This doesn’t mean you are crazy.