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5 Golden Rules for a Secure Password

Criminals take advantage of weak passwords. Follow the basic rules of Secure Passwords and turn your account into a fortress. In connection with online crime, a topic keeps popping up, “How Safe Is My Password?” The optimal password is good enough to be unbreakable, but simple enough to be remembered at the same time. Usually, a rope walk. Hasso Plattner Institute urged citizens to choose their passwords more carefully on the occasion of the “Safer Internet Day” on February 5, 2020. For this to work smoothly, software system technology experts at the facility gave the right advice on the road. Here are the five basic rules for having a strong password.

First Of All, How Not Choose Your Password?

Although it seems incredible to many, there are still internet users who choose a password like “123456”. Sure, it’s easy to remember, but it’s also easy to break. A criminal does not even need to use software or malware to create such a password, but if he does, he can crack around 1000 accounts in just 17 minutes with such a weak password. Sequences of numbers and short, simple terms should be avoided as passwords. “Anne123”, “Ahmet1958” or the infamous “xyzxyz” are just a few examples of the fact that you don’t need to assign a password. The following five simple rules show you how to do this correctly.

  • Avoid Real Names and Dates

Never use your username, real name, or date of birth as a password. In addition, you should never choose a password related to yourself.

  • Avoid Dictionary Terms

Avoid using terms that might appear in a dictionary. It doesn’t matter if it is a “dog”, “cat”, “mouse” or “atomic bomb test site management domain switch”. If the term can be compared to a dictionary, it can be cracked in a few minutes or even as a password.

  • Use Different Software

Your keyboard is case sensitive, with numbers and special characters such as “§”, “%”, or “consider it. The combination of all four options greatly increases the security of the password.

  • Pay Attention to Length

The shorter the password, the faster it can be cracked. In fact, the following is true, the longer the better. However, a secure password must contain at least eight characters. Everything below should be taboo.

  • One Password For All Accounts?

It’s okay to remember only one password for all possible accounts. However, this is also a major security flaw. If an account is hacked by you, the online criminal can instantly access all your accounts. Therefore, you must use a separate password for each account.

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