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9 March World Dj Day

March 9 World DJ Day, was officially established in UNESCO in 2001 with the initiative of the World DJ Fund. World Dj Day is not a public holiday. Its main purpose is a day to draw attention to charity activities. Each year, one-week charity events are held around the world to help charities.

The event was originally started by the World DJ Fund and Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy, which uses music to aid children and adults. Traditionally, all income earned by DJs, clubs, radios today is directed to different international children’s funds and institutions. Over the past few years, the tradition of DJ charity has been supported by well-known media groups, MTV, Radio 1, Galaxy, Mixmag, Dj Mag, Face, Loaded, and FHM, as well as the stars of the world dance scene.

Disc Jockeys define the profession of a person who chooses and mixes recorded music for audiences and listeners. It originally meant disc recording, but in recent years CDs have become less popular. In this sense, today the concept of disc jockey refers to any musical reproduction independent of the music source. If you think DJs have an easy and enjoyable job, you are wrong. Performing at the club, on the radio, or at parties is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, this job is to listen to thousands of melodies from various styles, to study new genres, to mix, and adjust rhythms and tempo. And trying to predict the popularity of a particular tune is a daily hard task that requires a lot of working hours on a playlist.

Taking into account audience preferences, new trends, changes in audience mood, and even the season and weather outside the window are all unseen parts of this profession. The key to the success of any party is a good DJ who not only changes the music in the Dj Setup but also creates an enchanting atmosphere that draws people into the world of dance. It may seem to many that there is nothing difficult in the DJ profession and you can learn it in 2 days, but it is not so. To attract the attention of the audience and gain popularity, you need to have an ear, be a charismatic, fun, and talented artist.

March 9, World DJ Day, is widely celebrated in 92 countries around the world. Every year, clubs, radio stations, and solo DJs offer a fantastic musical feast to music lovers around the world. It gives children hope for a better future. We, as the Now You Tech team, celebrate the DJ day of all Disc Jockeys around the world and thank them.

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