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9 Reasons to Learn to Play the Piano

In this article from Now You Tech, we have listed for you the benefits and reasons for learning to play the piano, which most people dream of and some of us can realize.

Most of us have wanted to learn to play an instrument. The adventure that starts with instruments such as block and mandolin in primary school is often left unfinished. When we add many factors such as time constraints, not having the necessary facilities, and postponing requests, a distance is created between us and music.

Piano; It is one of the most well-known and well-known instruments that are indispensable for almost every musical work that we know since the 1700s. In order to play this instrument, whose black and white keys, grand, electronic and wall piano types and its shape are known to almost all of us, we need a certain discipline, desire, maybe some skill and effort, just like in every instrument. If you meet these certain criteria, which we also mentioned in our article titled Learning to play the piano, in our opinion, there is no reason why you cannot succeed.

So why do we want to play the piano? What does it add to learning to play an instrument? Let’s take a look at the answers together;


Every person has some level of creativity, whether they are aware of it or not. Playing an instrument is an important gateway to art and creativity. Most of the composers, musicians; Being an important companion in learning to read notes, theory, solfege and harmony, piano helps you connect and learn music between music and other art forms.


The piano is an instrument with 88 keys on it, but it’s not just that. The sound of every note you play can support the development of the ear. The learned chord structure, sound sequences, note order, coordination of the two hands, the different key structure of the right and left hand, respectively, significantly improve our mind, muscle structure, thinking ability and practice ability. Discipline, persistence, a strong work ethic, critical thinking, artistic expression, self-awareness – these are just some of the benefits of learning piano.


Music is an important communication tool. Musicians use their voices, breath or hands to put into music many emotions that they cannot express in words. Sometimes tunes that exactly match what we feel are played to our ears. He buys a song we come across on the radio and takes us away. You can also feel and reflect the impressive power of music, which is a part of our lives as a listener, by playing an instrument.


The piano is one of the most suitable instruments to start the music. Its button structure provides an important advantage in learning the notes and in our ear development. On the other hand, the fact that it is easier to learn than string instruments, such as sitting position and hand control, brings the piano forward in the first step to learn music.


When we start playing the piano, many innovations begin to enter our lives. If we have a good guide/instructor, we will begin to witness that historical adventure of music. Every new note and chord structure we know opens a new door in our minds. We begin to approach communication, cultural heritage, composers, musicians and even those around us with a new perspective.


Although the piano is an instrument played by sitting, it improves the posture and sitting position, especially the hand and finger muscles. Most instructors require certain stretching exercises before each start to play the instrument. This helps us to develop our muscle structure and prevents the body from being deformed by staying in a fixed position for a long time.


Maybe it is time to start playing that instrument that we put in your mind in childhood and could not find any opportunity. If you are open to learning, you can make your dream come true by spending a few hours a week. 


Although you can progress with keyboard, keyboard or piano applications at first, you will need to acquire a piano at a certain stage. We recommend that you consult your instructor before purchasing, as the piano features, size and brand you will purchase will vary.


The possibilities offered by technology are increasing day by day. It is now possible to attend music lessons anywhere on the internet. Regardless of your age, you can start learning music from somewhere and contribute to your personal development.

Music is literally at your fingertips after you want it.