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Advice On Music Production

If you don’t know where to start and how to get started, here’s everything you need for the tools you need to make your own track or remix. As Now You Tech, we researched all the equipment that those who have devoted their hearts to electronic music and want to produce their own songs will need.

Front End

A few tools are indispensable for making electronic music but do not be afraid of them financially, because you can make your own music without a huge budget. A computer, DAW Software known as a digital sound processing station, headphones or speakers, and a midi keyboard are the necessary equipment to make your own electronic music.

Creation Process

No one is expecting you to create an amazing electronic music piece from scratch. You can start by doing small exercises and you can choose the pieces you like from the sets of DJs you love and start improving yourself by getting inspired by them.

Build The Structure

Melodies, beats, vocals, sounds… These elements should have a certain consistency when they come together. So think like you’re writing and make sure your piece includes the introduction, development, and conclusion parts. In summary, build on a structure that will turn your song into flesh and bone.

You Should Research

Never overlook that you have the chance to learn anything you want nowadays when you have a resource like an internet at hand. You can find many videos about Electronic Music programs on the Internet. You enrich your production process by watching such videos and reading blog posts.


First of all, you will need a computer to make electronic music. But you don’t necessarily need a powerful and very expensive computer like the MacBook Pro, the important thing is that it can remove the digital audio processing station software. To give you a rough idea, your computer’s features should include 16 GB ram, 2.5 GHz, 1 TB storage, and at least two USB ports.


When it comes to electronic music, the most important issue is which software you will use. You can choose from the most popular digital audio processing station software: Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and FL Studios.

Midi Keyboard

Most of the instruments you use are controlled through the midi keyboard. These actually have the same features as regular keyboards, but instead of making sounds, they transfer the midi data to your music production software. You can use it by connecting it to your computer with USB and thus you can get different infrastructures by playing on the recordings.


In fact, you don’t need a very good headset at first, but after going a little further, we recommend you to get one of the Headphones specially designed for this job. However, if you intend to use speakers, this should not be the standard speaker you get with your computer. Because the most important part is that you can hear the instruments and audio files well.

Music Production Controller

It allows you to realize what you create in Digital Sound processing station software in a way that inspires you and is one of the must-have tools for those interested in electronic music production. It allows your recordings and compositions you make with virtual instruments to work. It allows you to easily save your compositions.