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Ancestors Of Electronic Music

How did it come to electronic music? Which instruments, devices, inventions have emerged until electronic music has come? Here is the ‘ancestors’ of today’s indispensable music genre ‘Electronic Musicwith its short history. As Now You Tech, we have compiled this topic for you.


The First Voice Recorder in history was patented in 1857. The device, invented by the French Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville, did not have the ability to playback. Scott named his invention Phonautograph. In 1878, Thomas A. Edison made a new sound recording device using the same cylinders used in Scott’s device.

Telharmonium ya da Dynamophone

With the invention of the recording device, a search was made for new productions. Some composers were eager to use new devices for developments. Thaddeus Cahill made the Telharmonium, or Dynamophone, an electro-mechanical device in 1897. This instrument is the first “electronic music” device developed. Electronic signals transmitted through wires go to a loudspeaker and work with electronic circuitry.


A Russian-born professor made the first important and intriguing device in the world. Leon Theremin succeeded in inventing the patented instrument ‘Theremin’ when it was 1928.

Ondes Martenot

Ondes Martenot has been an important electronic musical instrument in history, although its infrastructure, basis of thought and the ‘color’ of the sound obtained are similar to the Theremin instrument. Invented by Maurice Martenot in 1928, this instrument had new features in its sound performance compared to the past. It stood out with its different, distinctive structure, such as sending the sound to different Speakers. Production of the invention continued until 1988. However, even now, education and training of this instrument still continue in some conservatories in France.


The technical drawing and design of the Novachord, which is called the Polyphonic Synthesizer, was brought to life by CN Williams, Laurens Hammond, and John M. Hanert. This instrument was recorded as the world’s first commercial music product. The distribution of the instrument to the world was undertaken by Hammond Organ Company. Oscillators and Electronic Circuits have been developed over time, bringing music to completely different stages.

Electronic Music

Later, changes were made to the electronic parameters of oscillators that produce sound frequency and different sounds were obtained. And these sounds were recorded on Magnetic Strips with the help of reel tapes. The resulting raw product was processed and turned into works that can be called ‘Electronic Music’.