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Apple Announces AirPods Max

Apple announced its high-quality on-ear headphones for 600 Euros. There has been speculation about it for a long time. These are called AirPods Max, not AirPods Studio as speculated. The iPhone manufacturer eliminated a great inconvenience. However, this comes at a fairly high price. As Now You Tech, we researched AirPods Max for you.

Currently, Apple announces new devices every month. It started in September with new iPads and a new Apple Watch. New iPhones in October, new MacBooks in November, and now the first headsets offered under the group’s own brand AirPods Max. The knowledge of headphone professionals from sister brand Beats may have been included. Inside the Bluetooth headsets are Apple’s H1 chip, which is also used in AirPods Pro. In terms of equipment, Max offers you what high-end headphones should bring with them these days.

Apple Competes Against Bose And Sony With AirPods Max

Apple has been competing with the best in the industry from the start, with its first on-ear headphones with integrated noise cancelling. Both Bose and Sony have technically similar products with the NC700 and WH1000XM4. That’s why Apple has to do more than good sound, long battery life and very-good active noise suppression to score points in the competition. Looking at the price list, after all, they want 200 Euros more. AirPods Max, which has functions such as adaptive equalizer, 3D sound and above all, premium design, has many features.

AirPods Max Overview

  • Richer sound than AirPods thanks to larger drivers (40mm)
  • Equipped with one H1 chip per auricle
  • Features similar to AirPods Pro with active noise cancellation and transparency mode
  • Symmetrical shape automatically detects left and right channels when installed
  • Stops playing when cancelled
  • The adaptive equalizer that automatically optimizes individual sound for each pinna
  • Headband made of stainless steel, ear pads made of memory foam
  • Take control with the Apple Watch-inspired “Digital Crown”
  • Availability: Available to order immediately, delivery from December 15, 2020
  • Space Gray, Silver, Sky Blue, Green and Pink colours
  • What’s in the box: AirPods Max, Smart Case, USB-C to Lightning cable
  • 600 Euro
  • Requirement: An Apple device with iOS 14.3 or higher, iPad 14.3 or higher, macOS Big Sur 11.1 or higher, watchOS 7.2 or higher, or tvOS 14.3 or higher

AirPods Max comes in a lined box. When placed in the bag, the headphones go into the standby mode. According to Apple, the battery life goes up to 20 hours for hi-fi sound, phone calls or movies with active noise cancellation and 3D audio enabled.

This Is How Apple Defines The Basic Functions Of The AirPods Max

Adaptive EQ

AirPods Max uses Adaptive EQ to adjust the sound for the respective auricle. To do this, they measure the audio signal, adjust the low and mid frequencies in real-time, and deliver rich, detailed sound.

Active Noise Cancellation

AirPods Max delivers immersive sound via Active Noise Canceling, so the listening experience becomes the focus. Each earbud has three outward-facing microphones that detect ambient noise and an inverted microphone that tracks sound transmitted to the ear. With the help of computational audio, noise cancellation is adjusted in real-time depending on the position and movement of the headphone.

Transparency Mode

AirPods Max has a transparency mode to hear music and ambient noise at the same time. Transparency mode makes everything look natural – even your own voice – while the sound is perfectly reproduced. With the noise control knob, you can easily switch between active noise cancellation and transparency mode.

3D Sound

AirPods Max uses dynamic head-tracking 3D audio to reproduce sound in three dimensions and delivers cinematic immersive sound with 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos audio recordings. 3D audio uses acceleration and gyro sensors on AirPods Max and iPhone or iPad to track device head movements and movements. It compares the motion data and remaps the sound field so that it stays connected to the device even if the user’s head moves.