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Bitcoin Is Flying! Here Is The New Records

Bitcoin value continues to break records. The cryptocurrency surpassed the $ 40,000 band and set a historic, record. With the increase shown by Bitcoin, the crypto money market volume is also growing. So how much is Bitcoin worth? As Now You Tech, we researched this subject for you.

Crypto Money Market Is Growing With The Value Of Bitcoin

The increase is shown by the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which also affects the cryptocurrency market extremely positively. The total volume of the market surpassed $ 700 billion.

The most asked question after the records is ‘How much is Bitcoin worth?’ (January 8, 2021). The current value of the virtual currency is $ 40,180.37.

Bitcoin entered a major downward trend 3 years ago and dropped to $ 3,000. It is still unknown who created the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, which was launched 12 years ago. However, the currency became the focus of re-investments with its increase.