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Broadcasting Recommendations For Musicians

Almost all sectors related to the pandemic process we are going through nowadays have suffered. Naturally, the music industry has entered a troubled period in this process. As Now You Tech, we will talk about how we will make our music known to people in this article.

Create a Quiet Environment

There are microphones today that can detect sounds that are too low for us to hear or because we are used to certain sounds in daily life. For the sounds that you cannot perceive in your project or music to be transmitted to the microphone, the environment you are in should be as quiet as possible or the environment you choose should be very quiet. Not only is it quiet, but the room is upholstered with the necessary insulation materials, so you can send only your own voice or something you want to transmit to the microphone. Therefore, it is always advantageous to have a quiet environment.

Create a Good Impression Environment

The environment is very important, especially for video shooting, when we are confined to homes. Providing a quality environment to the audience thanks to the lighting that can be plain or not too tiring according to the preference will increase the rate of access to your content.

In this way, the days we stay at home will become much more efficient and will allow you to produce better projects.


This slightly depends on your camera quality. If you have a good camera, you can get a beautiful image by making the background lighting, dim lighting, and face lighting more softly.

If your camera does not shoot well or is of medium quality, you will be communicating with your face with your audience, backlighting, etc. You can capture a plain and clear image in the frame by simply reflecting a soft light on your face.

Internet Connection Speed

The importance of the internet has increased considerably in our lives during the epidemic that we have closed to homes. In this way, you can publish your content on a certain platform. You can even open a live broadcast. If your upload speed is sufficient, you can perform your content fast and live broadcasts without any trouble.

We especially recommend you to use a wired connection on such drums because the data sharing speed is faster than Wi-Fi technology.

Broadcast Platform

When you regularly produce content in this process, you can announce yourself much more effectively. Especially YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Drive, etc. You can stand out on broadcast platforms.

Interact with Viewers

When you start producing content on the platform you set and when you gather a certain audience, it will be very important to answer questions from the audience. Being in constant communication will make you famous and you will be able to improve your channel and offer better quality content thanks to the questions and suggestions.

Finally, we can turn this period of closure into an opportunity and announce ourselves in this way. You just focus on being more effective and everything will get better quality over time.