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Creativity in Music Production

According to some theories, there was music before even humanity existed. According to some, music was born in the same age as human beings. The most reactive of these two theories was the existence of music, of course, without human existence. It is always true that even scientists participate in discussions of “the existence of music.” So how could music exist without human beings?

Who Created the Music

For Lucretius, one of the most important poets of antiquity, music emerged even when the world’s first natural components were created, let alone human beings. Music according to Lucretius theory; They were human imitations of the sounds made by “natural phenomena” such as destruction, landslide, birdsong, wind, volcanoes, the first seas and so on.

No matter how its existence occurs, ultimately music; After all, it occurs when someone creates some sounds. Of course, these “certain sounds” that are all about music have always been created by human beings. Even the indigenous people of Indonesia, who live in the Stone Age conditions, and described as cannibals in Irian Jaya, today, thanks to the harmonica they make from bamboo, they colour their daily lives with music. In the remote regions of Africa, where people who have not even known the radio live, the drums made by carving the dried tree trunks and putting on animal skin are the ancestors of the modern world battery.

The pan flute, created by combining a few of the cool arrows used to hunt in the Amazon Jungle, shows that music – the basic rule for “living” – is as important as hunting inventions. These discoveries have always developed and took on its final form simultaneously with the advances and advances of society and the coming to the present age called Millennium.

Numerous Instruments

Among the countless instruments, a part of it is played diligently or sloppy at the same time to “match” each other, and a “sound ensemble” emerges. This sentence, which seems very simple and “how meaningless” while writing, actually constitutes the dictionary meaning of music. It should not be easy to distinguish among tens or even hundreds of instruments that adapt to each other, then bring them together and create a “sound mix” by assigning each one a different tone or tone. It is also an effort to prepare this sound mix as “music”.

Music is a branch of art that requires such “creativity” and mentally the horizon to see too far. And the most important part of it is that it is necessary to be one of the rare people who gave a part of the “creativity of God” as I mentioned above! Whatever the style, form and form of the music made, there is a fiction, a narrative, a story in each. So how does this story come about?

Creativity in Music

The voices appropriate to the story you live in, their tones, their intensity. They all tell part of the story. The incident that a voice describes when it comes to you at a low level in music differs even from the event it describes when it is heard at a high level. The voices brought to the foreground, the voices buried in the background, the voices wandering around. They all have a story to tell, and this is equivalent to the “creativity” of the artist who made the story. Of course, it is not easy to evaluate this creativity feature, which is also called inspiration.

So what should be done to evaluate this? Does it take hours, even days, weeks to work out the story? This is the biggest mistake many mid-level musicians like us make. Living like an insomnia patient to create a “music” in the studio for weeks and finally producing a whole “nothing”.

Whereas creativity is always a matter of “living” but “really living.” Even knowing that we cannot do anything, we spent the weeks we spent in the studio listening to an album we just bought, strolling idly with our friends, strolling around the remotest corners of the city you are in. If we were to evaluate some of the social activities by fulfilling them, believe me, there was already a story to tell.