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Some Courses And That DJ Academy Education in Turkey

DJing, whose popularity is increasing day by day, has great importance in the world. Although in Turkey, although appealing to young people, especially middle-aged and older shows intense interest in Europe.

Not only are they limited to listening to music, but the number of people who want to make their own music continues to increase at the same rate. DJing is one of the most preferred professions by people who want to be interested in music and plan to make their own music. Now You Tech as some prominent DJ training courses and academies in Turkey that we have compiled for you.

İstanbul DJ Academy

Istanbul DJ Academy (IDA) is located in Istanbul Beşiktaş. It offers students the opportunity to study in a wide and comfortable environment with world-class technological devices. The academy employs instructors, each of whom is an expert in their field.

At the head is the famous DJ Producer Serdar Ayyıldız, who believes in the importance of education and is known in the world for his many projects.

Refresh Music Academy

Refresh Music Academy has been providing DJ training for more than 10 years. In addition to DJing and music production, various instrument training is also provided at the academy. Thanks to the technological infrastructure of the academy, which gives the courses personally and individually, it has the best DJ equipment in the world. At Refresh, a variety of manager services are also provided to deliver music to large communities.


Turquilla was founded in 2012. Many events were organized throughout the country in order to popularize electronic music. Turquilla, which is below the market in terms of price, applies such a price policy to encourage music lovers. The DJ course consists of 16 lessons in total, one hour each. It also changes according to the weekly course schedule. The course, which teaches the necessary infrastructure for development, provides the necessary training to progress from scratch to professionalism.

Sonar House Electronic Music School

The birth purpose of SonarHouse; To present music lovers or those interested in it to the sector in high quality. Sonar House, which takes care of each student individually with its quality equipment, is one of the pioneers in the field with its education. It is a quality electronic music school with industry standards and fully equipped equipment. The school makes a great impact on students’ perception of sound and frequency during the course.


DBS is an organization that has left behind 15 years in DJing and music production training. DBS, which offers different packages for hobby or professional training, has the chance to get the finest details of DJing in the course thanks to the experts in their fields. In some training called production, the process from scratch to the completion of a piece is explained by DBS instructors with a detailed technique. Those who want to continue on the path of DJing are offered advanced lessons and a modern education approach that makes a difference.