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Documentary of Pioneer DJ’s during the pandemic: ‘Distant Dancefloors

Pioneer DJ explained the last 6 months through the eyes of its artists during the coronavirus (COVID-19) period in the documentary ‘Distant Dancefloors’.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, which has affected the whole world, has greatly affected the scenes and entertainment venues within the scope of the precautionary measures. Closed venues, culture and arts events and large parties were canceled. It brought a difficult process in terms of meeting the artists with the music lovers. Pioneer DJ has produced a documentary that describes exactly this pandemic period, showing how the coronavirus affects electronic music.

In the documentary published under the name of ‘Distant Dancefloors’, the Pioneer team has focused on the economic, sociocultural and psychology of the entertainment industry over the past six months. He cited the opinions of international DJs such as Blond: ish, Eats Everything, Honey Dijon, Luciano and Rebuke, as well as author Kevin Watson and many industry stakeholders.

In the documentary Blond: ish, “The situation we are in is unfortunate, but we are trying to adapt, too. By nature we have to do it. But the real question is how do we adapt to this change as the music industry? Do we wait to go back or with a more sustainable re-foundation. Will we be open to innovations? ” saying his views.

The opposite views of DJs also draw attention in the documentary. Some DJs state that they are looking for an alternative, while others come up with the idea of ​​’socially distant dance’. Documentary; Subtitles are available in German, French, English, Spanish and Italian.