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Easily Accessible Plugin, Sample, And Music Programs

In this article, we share Plugin, Sample, and Music Programs that you can easily access as Now You Tech. We will tell you the programs that we have divided into several categories and are completely free. We will tell you about several Plugins under the Equalizer, Compressor, Autotune, Synthesizer, Virtual Instrument, and Sample categories.


This small but effective Plugin is a free equalizer. Powerful digital equipment that takes the features of a number of legacy devices and combines them in one place. It can interfere with 3 bands as Bass, Medium, and Treble. There is also a pre-equalizer Volume boost feature called Preamp. It also has the latest EQ Highpass and Lowpass filters that are compatible with Mac and Windows.

There is also a Bass Booster and Bass lowering ability. One of the important points is that the delay time is 0. The other important thing is that we can open the Plugin dual-channel, Stereo, or single-channel, Mono. SonEQ is an Equalizer that can add nice characters to the sounds you work with, with its 3-band settings and its filters, with its Drive option.

Audiocation Equalizer

Audiocation Equalizer, a parametric equalizer. It has a structure that visualizes the applied process in its right-hand window. This piece with 5 bands has many curve shapes. Selectable frequency button, the band’s resonance, namely the Q value and the volume change button to be applied to the band are the basic features of this equalizer.

We can bypass bands with a single click, as well as view input and output signal levels with a single click. Also, there are buttons for Input and Output, that is, to decrease and increase the Input-Output volume. Finally, we can invert any curve we have created using the Invert button. It is a Plugin that should be used in processes such as filtering and frequency cutting rather than intonation.

GComp 2 Compressor

When choosing the Compressor Software, the things to be considered are the sensitivity of the compressor and the low load on the processor. GComp2 is a software that has both Gate and Compressor features and a clear interface. It is a performatively effective piece with plenty of possibilities and aesthetic results. It has pre-compressor filters. There is also the function of Input Gain, Volume before Compressor.

Classically, there are only two buttons for the Gate and Compress operation, as well as the Attack and Release buttons. Finally, it can finalize the sound with the Volume button given after compression called Out Gain, or Make-Up Gain. With its simple indicators, it can reflect the pressure applied by the compressor to us based on both Digit and Waveform. It is ideal for those who are in the learning phase of compressors or even for those who know how to use them, as it is a satisfactory and free compressor.


These days when Autotune Plugins are very popular, it is not possible to go without mentioning Melda Production’s MAutoPitch software. The first feature that catches the eye is the easy programming of Scale and Root Note selection. The score of the Vocal and the scale it uses can be adjusted on the console. Correcting mistakes starts automatically when the vocal is played. The character in the Autotune process can be determined with the Depth, Speed ​​buttons.

With the Dry & Wet settings, the percentage by which the Autotune effect will affect the vocal can be programmed. Width button to strengthen the sound in the Stereo area. And we can also use the settings for Formant changes in the right-hand pane that mimic certain effects created by the Human larynx. One of the nice features is that plugin has its own Limiter. This Limiter can be opened and closed as desired. MAutoPitch is included in Melda Production’s free Plugins series. By clicking the link below, you can go to the site and access, not one, but all Free Plugins. Because they allow you to download them as a whole instead of downloading them one by one.

Tyrell N6 Synth

When it comes to synthesizer and free, the first thing that comes to my mind is u-he! Some of the many synthesizers designed by the company are free. One of them is Tyrell N6 Synth with dual oscillators and a noise oscillator. It has 2 low-frequency generators and 8 Waveforms. It has filters that can be synchronized with the program you are using and also allows BPM synchronization. Analog type also has envelope settings. 580 Preset sounds are coming in the setup. Tyrell N6 is a powerful free Plugin for those who love Classic Sounds and flavors and want to easily get used to detailed synthesizers.

Plugin Boutique

I would like to tell you about the site called Plugin Boutique. This is where most of the Plugins on the market are selling for cheap. It is a nice site that sometimes gives it for free. You can go to the site and browse the free ones in the Free section.

Or, you can do company-based research from the Manufacturers tab and get all kinds of information about the products of the companies that produce Plugins. There are special discounts in the deals section. Sometimes there are exaggerated discounts. Courses and more are also available on this site. A site visited frequently by every producer.


If you are looking for free and High-Quality Samples, Ghosthack is for you. You will be satisfied with most of the samples provided by Ghosthack. After entering the site and clicking on the Freebies article below, we can see the products that the company gives us free of charge.

This site is a suitable place for Presets, Waveforms, and different Samples for Serum Synthesizer. The reason they do this is to get you on the mailing list. Because in this way, they can announce their products for sale. Don’t worry, they announce their free new Sample packages via e-mail. It is possible to obtain samples in serious sizes. We recommend you take a look.