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Electronic Music In The 1960s

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Although electronic music has a history spanning more than a century, the term “Electronic Music” started to appear in books and magazines in the 1950s, according to the Google’s Ngram program, which can scan 5 million book contents at the same time. Popular Science magazine, which does not miss the rise of electronic music, published an article in the April 1960 issue of popular science lovers with tips on making electronic music.

  • Changing the playback speed and thus the pitch
  • Playing the recordings in reverse
  • Using the loop, using
  • Artificial reverb and echo
  • Exaggerating or reducing certain frequencies using filters or EQ

The sound of a metal coin rotating on a glass plate can provide a wide variety of effects depending on how you record and modulate. It may be a relatively quiet, rhythmic background or a lightning-like tympani. If you loop some of your recorded sounds into an endless loop (in other words, if you take the loop) the sound will continue to play continuously.