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Getting Featured and Finding New Fans on the Spotify Canvas

Today, as Now You Tech, we will talk about How to Stand Out with Videos and Find New Fans on Spotify Canvas.

As Spotify’s new function, the canvas offers musicians the opportunity to visually show their creative side, reinforce their aesthetics and inspire their fans. So what exactly does Canvas do? And how do you best use it? In this post, I will explain everything you need to know to use Spotify Canvas on your Spotify profile.

What is Spotify Canvas?

Spotify Canvas is a new Spotify feature that allows visual elements to loop and play as a video while songs are playing. Canvas lets you add a three to eight-second video to any track in an album, EP, or single. These videos will play where the album art would normally appear when your track is played.

So you can add 3D, 2D, and hybrid ambient effects to your album covers and entertain the fans who broadcast your music. With Canvas, you can do whatever your heart desires. It is a great tool for you to be even more creative with your album cover.

How to Use Spotify Canvas?

Once you’ve gotten used to a few basic features, it’s easy to create canvas videos for your tracks on Spotify. Follow these five steps to color your Album Cover on Spotify using Canvas.

Verify Your Spotify Profile

If you haven’t applied for your Spotify for Artists profile yet, it’s time to do so. Apply to your Spotify for Artist Profile. This is the only way to get the blue tick and upload canvas videos to Spotify for your tracks. If you need help, I recommend our article explaining how to verify your Spotify profile. Fortunately, when you sell your music with LANDR, your Spotify profile for Artist will be automatically requested and all you have to do is log into your account.

  • Record your video at 9:16

Remember, Your canvas video replaces your album cover, so you should save your video in the smartphone-friendly 9:16 format.

  • Make Sure Your Pixel Height Is At Least 760 Pixels

It is not possible for your album cover to be pixelated and grainy unless it is an aesthetic choice. Therefore, you should submit a canvas video with a minimum pixel height of 760 Pixels. However, you should use a much larger pixel height to ensure your canvas video displays correctly on smartphone screens. The canvas video you upload will appear behind the play and skip button at the bottom of the screen, so the main element of your video should be in the center where it looks best.

  • Record a 3-8 Second Video

The video you create with Spotify Canvas is a looping video that is out of sync with your lyrics or track. The video loop can be three to eight seconds long. That’s enough time to add some psychedelic effects or a fun looping video. Note, however, that the canvas video will not play in sync with your track or lyrics.

  • Upload Your Video To Your Spotify Profile For The Artist

As soon as you have a video, you can upload it to the corresponding album or single in your Spotify for Artist profile. After signing in to Spotify for Artists, follow these steps:

  • Select the appropriate album or single from your broadcasts
  • Choose the appropriate track for your canvas video
  • Select the video from your gallery
  • Check the canvas loop and click “Next”
  • Post your canvas video and share it with your followers!
  • Congratulations, you really made your release really cool!

5 Spotify Canvas Ideas You Can Use to Create Amazing Videos

Thanks to canvas, you are no longer limited to a small square to showcase your style and artistic aesthetic. Now you can accompany your music with an interesting and fascinating video. Here are a few creative ideas to help you get the most out of your canvas videos.

  • Work with a video designer to create something great. If the idea of ​​creating a creative loop video makes you nervous, you can get help. Graphic designers and video designers love this kind of work. There are tons of online marketplaces where you can find and hire creative minds to help your vision. The LANDR Network, for example, is a great place to connect with artists who love working with musicians and understand your vision.
  • Your lyrics, artist name, and track or album title do not need to be included. Spotify always shows your artist name as well as track and album title on the app interface. Accordingly, if you don’t want to use specific typography, your canvas design doesn’t need to include artist or album information it’s actually designed for visual elements only.
  • Tell more about yourself and your album. Let your albums, EPs, and singles tell a story by creating a unique canvas video for each track that follows a specific theme. I’m sure you know your aesthetics, so use Canvas to your advantage and show your fans what your music is about.
  • Try different styles of loops. There are different ways to use a looped video. For example, you can create a seamless loop in psychedelic and relaxed way. You can be inspired by the cool seamless loops on this Instagram account. Or, funny or sad, you can use a loop that breaks at a certain point to create a certain effect. And of course, there is the classic boomerang effect that allows the loops to be played back and forth alternately.
  • Try different visual media. Don’t get stuck in the shape of the live motion video. Gradually changing texture, 3D Animation, or 2D GIF are also good options. Gradually changing texture, 3D animation, or 2D GIF are also good options. There are tons of weird animations online that you can get inspired and creative with!

Canvas Can Do Something

Streaming platforms don’t have to be a cool, function-only place. Canvas can help you spice up your presence on Spotify, and you should definitely take advantage of it, especially if your music follows a strong aesthetic. We look forward to the amazing videos you will be creating soon!