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Here’s What’s New İn Ableton Live 11

We have prepared all new features and updates in Ableton Live 11 for you as Now You Tech.


Live organizes multiple transitions of an audio or MIDI performance into individual shots. Combine the best of many shots or find creative new combinations.


MPE Compatibility

Add twists, slides, and pressure for each note in a chord. Add subtle expression variations, switch between chords, and create evolving sound textures. Expression View Add and edit pitch, timbre, and pressure variations of individual notes directly in a new tab in Clip Detail View.

MPE-Capable Native Devices

Wavetable, Sampler, and Arpeggiator now support MPE. Use Push’s pad pressure to control parameters per note.


Hybrid Reverb

By combining convolution and algorithmic echoes, it makes it possible to create any space from accurate real-life environments to those that challenge physical reality.

Spectral Resonator

It divides the spectrum of an incoming audio signal into partial parts. The result is subtle or radical ways according to a frequency or note. Play like an instrument with MIDI. Spectral Time Transforms the Sound into segments and feeds them into a frequency-based delay, resulting in metallic reverberations, frequency shift, and reverb-like effects. The Freeze function captures and holds the sound.

Inspired by Nature

Six player instruments and effects using natural and physical processes as inspiration. It was created with Dillon Bastan.


Based on an old digital effects processor, this device creates glitch effects, delayed digital shimmers, and bizarre vibrato to add character to sounds in the studio or on stage. It was created with Robert Henke.


1: Redux

Redux adds a wider range of sounds than legacy digital hardware, including harsh distortion, digital and aliasing artifacts, as well as warm and saturated 8-bit textures.

2: Phaser-Flanger

The Phaser and Flanger have been combined and now offer a new, louder sound with higher frequency and modulation ranges, impressive improvements to existing modes, and a new Doubler mode for the short modulable delay.

3: Chorus-Ensemble

The updated version of Chorus now has a wider range of sound-shaping capabilities – add vibrato, broadcast left and right channels of the signal into the stereo field, and add a bold 3 delay line chorus.


1: Macro Snapshots

Save the state of Macros for later recall – this is a quick way to create instant variations in sounds or builds and drops during a performance.

2: Variable Macros

Arrange your shelves to contain 1 to 16 Macros. Randomize Macro values: Randomize the state of your macros or map the randomize button to MIDI.

3: Randomized Macro Values

He listens live and adjusts his tempo in real-time according to the incoming sound, making him a dynamic part of the band rather than the tempo source everyone should follow.


1: Note Chance

Set the probability that a note or drum beat will occur and let Live create amazing variations in your patterns that change over time.

2: Velocity Chance

Define velocity probability ranges for subtle, humanized variations in the dynamics of your models.

3: Follow Actions

Live 11 adds Scene Tracking Actions for evolving edits. Follow Actions can now jump to specific clips and enable and disable Follow Actions globally.


1: Voice Box

A comprehensive collection of contemporary sound samples from multiple voices, a range of playable vocal instruments, and Effect Racks designed for vocal processing.

2: Mood Reel

Evoking layered instruments that combine organic and synthetic sounds with textural elements to add mood, space, and movement to productions.

3: Drone Lab

Continuous tonal and textural samples, generative noise, multi-sampling instruments, as well as devices and Effects Racks designed for experiments.

4: Upright Piano

Upright Piano is recorded close for an intimate feel – a classic sound found at home in many musical styles. It was created in collaboration with Spitfire Audio.

5: Brass Quartet

This instrument emphasizes the natural breathing, range of expression, and broad tone of the brass quartet. It was created in collaboration with Spitfire Audio.

6: String Quartet

This combination of two violins, consisting of viola and cello, immediately has an intimate sound and is also a great starting point for sonic exploration. It was created in collaboration with Spitfire Audio.


1: Updated Sounds

Updates to AAS instrument interface The user interfaces of all instruments made in collaboration with Applied Acoustic Systems have been updated.

2: Updated Core

Library Live’s Core Library has been expanded to focus on contemporary music production, including new drum kits, Instrument Racks, Sound Effect Racks, Grooves, and loops. Also, advanced scanning makes it easy to find voices.

3: Updated Packages

Drum Booth has a new library of MIDI drums and presets ready for mixing. Grand Piano and Electric Keyboards now come with MIDI chords, licks, and basslines, and MIDI drum tracks and instrumental tracks have been added to Chop and Swing, Skitter and Step, Drive, and Glow, and more.