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Electronic Music History

The beginning of the production of electronic keyboards in the second quarter of the 20th century caused the music to be categorized differently, thus electronic dance music was born. With this birth, disco music of the past has left its place in music genres such as techno, house, club, deep and trance today. In this article, you will try to answer your questions about electronic dance music as the Now You Tech team.

Electronic dance music, which is considered as a music category, is divided into 4 main groups: EDM, downtempo, dance tempo, trance and hard. These groups also include music genres such as club, commercial, deep, electro, hardcore, hardstyle, house, minimal, progressive, tech and trance.

The Birth and Development of Electronic Dance Music

EDM, which started to be the subject of academic research in the early 1990s, took its place in the history scene with the house genre that emerged in Europe in the 1970s when the star of disco music began to fade. It can be seen that the birth date of this genre coincides with the birth date of DJing. There are also opinions that the development of DJing has positively affected the house genre. The introduction of drum machines has also made an important contribution to the development of the genre.

It is seen that the techno genre has an important place in the history of EDM as well as the house. Techno, which emerged in the last quarter of the 20th century, developed in Düsseldorf, Germany, and after this development, the group named Kraftwerk, known as the fathers of techno, was born, and this group includes industrial sounds (factory noise, crowded groups, traffic noise, etc.) they brought EDM to a different dimension with their productions.

Especially the technological innovations of the late 20th century and thus the lagging of analogue versions of music recorders have also been effective in the development of EDM. In other words, with the transition from analogue to digital, EDM has increased the speed of development and has been successful to this day.

Reflections of Electronic Dance Music

Electronic instruments of EDM made with electronic devices such as transistors and integrated circuits include synthesizers, theremin and computers; Examples of electromechanical instruments are electric guitar, Hammond B3 organ and telharmonium.

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