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Home Studio For Beginners

It is very important to set up a home studio for DJ’s newcomers. Setting up a studio is not an instant process, it requires a lot of planning. After planning, research should be done and appropriate materials should be obtained. Setting up a studio can cost anywhere from $ 400 to $ 500. It is an article that will provide information about setting up a studio with only the basic steps. In order to be affordable in the first studio setup, poor quality instruments should not be preferred. It is easier to get quality recordings in a studio set up with quality equipment. As Now You Tech, we will present everything ready for you.


The computer is the first choice for beginners in the home studio. Electronic processing of the records and combining them with various data is carried out via computer. If a good computer is used, faster results will be obtained and the person will save time. Computers with IOS infrastructure are especially preferred for music.

Sound Card / DAW

DAW can be called the area where sounds are processed. Sounds are saved, modified, and finalized here. The sound card is a device used in conjunction with the computer. This device is later attached to the computer and improves the quality of the sound output. Some sound cards are presented to the user with their programs. In this way, the cost is reduced.


The headset that only deals with vocal sound and should be used in the home studio for beginners is dynamic. With its other name, condenser microphone, people can record their voices more easily. Dynamic microphones should also be preferred for musical instruments such as bass guitar, drums, piano, or electronic guitar. Microphone options may vary depending on the instrument to be used.


There are two different types of headphones, the closed headphones are used to prevent sound. However, there is poorer sound transmission. Open headphones are headphones with less insulation. Open earmuffs provide better quality. However, it is a closed headset that should be used in the home studio for beginners. In this way, they can understand the sounds better because of the insulation.

Studio Monitor

Speakers are generally used when mixing. However, it is possible to listen to the mix more comfortably with monitors. It transmits a more accurate frequency and the person listens to the mixed recording more accurately. These monitors, which do not change the recording, are quite useful even if they are expensive. It is possible to find some affordable varieties even if not much. This material will keep its place in the studio for a long time.