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Home Studio Record Equipment Guide

People living in ancient times could not let anyone listen to their voices without being recorded in a tape. This process is a very expensive step, whether it is presented to the public and registered. Since this time is quite long, it would take quite a long time for people to reach their wishes. Nowadays, people who can record their voices in home facilities can make their music public by using many media. In addition, social media has been a very important tool for people to make their voices heard. Sounds can be recorded on the phone naked but some equipment is required for a quality recording. There are some recommendations in this article published as a Home Studio Recording Equipment Guide. As Now You Tech, we will give you all the curious details about this subject.

Why Establish Home Studio?

People may need home studio recording equipment to make their voices heard and do it with their own means. People who do not want to release an album but play musical instruments can also set up this studio. This is because they are constantly recording themselves and always moving one step further. Before the studio is set up, one should pay attention to their wishes and style. Different instruments are needed for experiences such as voicing poetry, playing musical instruments, or vocalizing.


It is a computer that can run the most important DAW application among home studio recording equipment. Records the person records in computer environment and arranges them with the applications downloaded to the computer. This process means a great time saving compared to the old time. Any computer with processor between i3 and i7 will be sufficient for the person in this regard. The person should choose which effects or channels to use after recording. The sound card that the person will use with the computer is important. Therefore, it will be sufficient for the computer and sound card to be equivalent to each other.

Digital Audio Workstation

This application, called DAW in short, is the most needed in home studio recording equipment. When people buy sound cards, they are sent demos of some plug-ins and can evaluate them. However, if these are insufficient, the person thinks to buy them as premium. Programs occupy a very important place for home studio. Because the record is reviewed and improved here. The ones to be added are added and the recording is finalized.


Another instrument that should be included in home studio recording equipment is the microphone. It occupies an important place for better reception of all the sounds produced. The person can choose two different choices as dynamic or condenser. The condenser is designed to hear lighter sounds, so it can be preferred for home studio.

Reference Headphones And Speaker

A reference headset and speaker are essential for comparison while recording is in progress. The person should listen correctly during the reference and clear the recording from unwanted sounds. Otherwise, sharing of false records may occur without full sensation. The person should choose a quality headset that can adapt to their frequency.

Midi Keyboards

In the home studio recording equipment, midi keyboards will be used to control musical instruments. Operations can be performed easily with a keyboard that is connected to the computer. Instead, it can be provided to work with some equipment that will act as a Mmidi Keyboard. Even people who have never used a keyboard before should use this keyboard. Adjusting the rhythms and sounds will be very easy with these keyboards.


Even if it looks like a fairly basic piece of equipment, it’s important for sound quality. Therefore, it is necessary to use quality cables. Cables should be purchased separately for all materials and their compatibility should be checked. Quality sound transmission does not occur with poor quality cables. Quality of cables is a very important factor in obtaining quality sound. Home studio recording equipment can be provided for an average price of 1500 $. If the tools that can be developed over time are kept affordable at the beginning, a more comfortable studio can be set up.