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How Electronic Music Was Created

Electronic music is a category that emerges after the technology has reached a certain point. The invention and development of sound systems and computers gave new ideas to those interested in music. The beginning of one of these ideas determined the fate of electronic music. Telharmonium is the first electronic musical instrument invented. Theremin and Ondes Martenot are then invented.

Electronic Music in London

Electronic music, which started in nightclubs in New York in the 1970s, spread all over the world, including England in the 1990s. It was seen as a boring source of noise by the people of London since it did not have a varied rhythm range that lowered and raised people, especially while having fun in the first years. However, with the advancement of technology, especially Computer Systems in Europe, the atmosphere of electronic music changed, and by the 1980s, electronic music compositions started to be produced gradually.  In fact, electronic music first appeared in America. However, with the increasing interest in this music in Britain, it was not inferior to America in terms of popularity. After a short while, electronic music scenes started in all entertainment venues of England, especially London. As Now You Tech, we have gathered the necessary information for you.

What is Underground Music?

Underground music, whose Turkish equivalent is Underground Music“, is quite different from other music genres. Underground rap artists are a prime example of this. These artists stay away from popular music culture and write their songs with a different perspective than other artists on many issues such as the universe, justice, and religion. Most of them do not have the capital to devote to music, so they have to carry out the infrastructure, design, production, editing, and editing works of their clips themselves. Also, albums of underground music are not legal, so they are not sold in music stores. For this reason, his albums are usually sold without copyright or published over the internet.

Underground music artists need to make great efforts to become legal and show themselves. They release most of the albums they released for free before they were legal. In fact, this process until it reaches the days when it can reach larger audiences, become legal, and increase its profits is called the underground.

An Overview of the History of Underground Music

The first studies of the underground Rap Music Movement Were made at street parties in the New York Bronx in the 1970s. The lyrics of the song to be made are written in rhyme and read in a certain rhythm from the beginning to the end of the song. It consists of four basic elements; It is MC, DJ, graffiti, and dance.

In 1979, the song Rapper’s Delight by Sugarhill Gang introduced underground music to the world as a trend. After this song, the underground music culture spread and music companies and music groups interested in this new genre started to emerge.

From a philosophical point of view, underground artists have reflected the discussions of exclusion, rich and poor distinction, sincerity, freedom of expression, and especially black and white in the USA. Underground artists, who do not hesitate to reflect trends and Contrary Views, have been described by a certain segment as aggressive, vagrant, and loud.