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How To Be A Good Music Listener?

In Now You Tech, where we share about nightlife, events and electronic music, this time, “How to Become a Good Music Listener?” We will look for an answer to the question. Let’s immerse ourselves in a journey towards the essence of music.

Sound Source

While listening to the tracks, one of the most important things that will give you correct listening is the source of the song. With daily headphones, which we can classify as commercial headphones, you can hear the main parts of the parts, but you will have a great lack of depth. These headphones are subject to general adjustments to suit every style.

If you want to have a deeper listening, doing this with production or DJ headphones will show you many details you didn’t notice.

Also, reference sound systems suitable for the song style desired to be listened to for effective listening help to make the listening effective.

Music Theory

The music tries to contact us. Sounds emerge from the source of the sound, come to our ears, and are processed by our brains in thousands of times a second. Meanwhile, music can cause different reactions in our brains.

It can remind you of a memory that can lead you to a lot of sadness, or the last feelings you felt towards someone, and it can make you relax like a bird. Most of this happens for measurable reasons, except for the songs you love with your ex. For example, “Minor” notes in the music mostly drag you to sadness, while “Major” and completed notes make you feel enthusiasm and joy.

Again, the beat rate (BPM) per minute of the song is also an important factor here. A song between 90-115 BPM is likely to be more relaxing than a song between 130-150 BPM. If you are an archive creator that can now be done, very easily thanks to applications such as Spotify, you can make your list considering this detail. If you want to learn the theoretical information of the piece such as BPM and notes that will be useful for you, you can get it by typing the name of the track from Beatport and similar sites.