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Born in 1987, Istanbul. Since 15 years of age, he started playing drums with underground music groups. For about 10 years, he participated in concerts, recordings and European tours with different bands. In 2015, he started his career as a DJ with his interest in electronic music through the years. In 2018, his performances highly improved with appearing at festivals like Magic Break, Deadmau5, Big Burn and Into the Woods. He also warmed up dj s like Deborah de Luca and Undercatt with the playing spectacular sets. While he is never compromising on melodies and energy in his sets, he released his first single “Keymaker” with Zafer Atabey, boss of My Primus Records. In 2020, he released his next track, sensational “Merovingian” by Monkey Project Records. More to come, on the way…

How Dıd You Get Into Djıng?

For over 10 years I have actively played drums with various bands. When my last group disbanded, I decided that it would make more sense to make music alone,😊 At that time I had a great interest in electronic music. In this way, I started DJing 5 years ago.

Is There A Dj That You Inspıres You And See As An Idol?

Very. The first thing that comes to my mind is Oliver Heldens 😊 Yesterday I realized that the man, in addition to the style he has been doing for years, named HI-LO and started Techno seriously. Impressive. And of course, I can’t help but mention Murat Uncuoglu. An idol not only with his music but as a person.

Does The Dj Absolutely Have To Have Notation And Musıc Knowledge?

It is absolutely necessary. You can play without a musical background, but at some point, the road is over for you.

Does The Dj Have A Retırement Age Or A Tıme To Quıt? Can You Be Left Djıng?

No. There are many old DJs going as far as they can in the industry. Making music doesn’t stop. If such a thing happened; music has left you 😊

Is There A Mıx, Song, Or Track You Wouldn’t Mınd If I Dıdn’t Play At A Party?

It is always changing. It feels like my signature pieces. Before the pandemic, Caitlin – Freaks Misfits (Victor Ruiz Remix) was such a track. I guess I won’t steal now.

Do They Have A Goal In Musıc And Djıng?

Of course, there is. I am always in a plan, a project. Always one step forward.

How Have You Been Affected By Covıd-19?

Actually, I was not very impressed except for being deprived of playing against people. I continued to make tracks, broadcast, record podcasts, radio shows, live streams for platforms.

How Can You Explaın The Dj’s Sıtuatıon Durıng The Pandemıc?

As I mentioned above, really DJs keep doing their job somehow. All around the world. But for other DJs, the situation was really painful. There was a concept called venue DJ. Unfortunately, those people disappeared. In fact, the selection took place. We have seen who is doing this job seriously and professionally.

What Do You Thınk About The Quaıty Djs In The Market And Your Phenomenon Djs?

I don’t have a problem with phenomenal DJs 😊 The audience and environment we address are very different.

Can You Be A Dj Wıth Innate Talent? Or Could It Be A Natural Dj Talent?

If you have the feeling called music ear, it becomes quite easy to DJ. If you don’t have it, you can do it with lots of practice. I think it’s not important DJing, but being able to read and understand music.

What Are Your Recommendatıons For New Djs?

They need to listen, watch and practice a lot of different styles of music. Patience, patience, patience. No getting tired.

Is It Intentıonal For Djs To Use Female Vocals? Or Is It Just A Coıncıdence?

It may be because it is considered interesting. I never thought about that 😊

Is There A Standard For Electronıc Musıc In The World? And Do You Thınk There Is An Improvement?

Turkey, the world catches evolving trends very quickly, so quickly absorb and consume very quickly. We have such a feature, in every subject. We are also like this in electronic music. While 140 bpm Industrial Techno music was not spoken, events started last year in prestigious venues. Hypnotic Techno seems popular right now. As I mentioned, all of these styles come and go. Original and original remains. I definitely think that there is an improvement. Even my friends started to create record labels. I also support every move that is made. I support every action done for music; Although not all of them are true to me.

What Do You Thınk Of Now You Tech?

I’ve been meeting you since the pandemic era. May your studies and success increasingly continue. Hope to make your own festival in the future.