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Toronto-based Amber Long has trademarked a sound that is uniquely her own. Sought after globally and supported by big-name artists like; Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Aly & Fila, John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, and Nick Warren, her lyrics, voice, and productions are well known amongst the Underground Music Community. Passionate and animated, Amber is the living demonstration of an artist who loves her work passionately and intensely and continually tears up dance floors across the world. Aside from DJing globally, Amber Long runs Toronto-based independent labels; Modern Agenda, Modern Architect, and Honey Drops – all brands that focus on giving back to their large roster of artists. Catch Amber as the host of FriskyRadio’s Rogue Radio Show, airing the second Monday of each month at 5 pm, EST..

How Dıd You Get Into Djıng?

I started out as a Producer and Songwriter in Indie music and as things progressed electronically, I started using Sony Acid Pro 7, then Ableton. It made sense to learn to DJ to play the music I was making. 

Is There A Dj That You Inspıres You And See As An Idol?

There are a few. I always admire the artists with longevity, ones that have been around awhile. They have staying-power and a timeless energy about them, true professionals. 

Does The Dj Absolutely Have To Have Notation And Musıc Knowledge?

A DJ has to be able to lose themselves with the crowd or audience or even in the moment and work with the rhythm inside them. I don’t think that is something that can be taught, it’s just in certain people. You do, however, should be able to count to four, at least four times, and then repeat. 

Does The Dj Have A Retırement Age Or A Tıme To Quıt? Can You Be Left Djıng?

If I was in my twenties, I might say people might grow out of DJing but now that I am a bit older, I don’t think I will ever stop… No one should stop doing what they love because of something like age. 

Is There A Mıx, Song, Or Track You Wouldn’t Mınd If I Dıdn’t Play At A Party?

If the vibe is right for the time, you can play anything you want. 

Do They Have A Goal In Musıc And Djıng?

I probably would have said yes a year ago in a much more physical and material sense, because that is what we aimed for, reaching new goals, before this pandemic hit. Now, my goal is to retreat a bit more internally and try new creative things that I didn’t have the time for. I guess you could call that a goal for music and Djing, it’s more like just trying to become more in touch with my artist side without distractions. 

How Have You Been Affected By Covıd-19?

Oh man… There has been good and bad, to be honest. The good has been having more time to focus on art, freedom to create without strict deadlines or reasons, less running around so I feel more stable in general. The bad? We have all been hit with the bad. It is about how we move forward. 

How Can You Explaın The Dj’s Sıtuatıon Durıng The Pandemıc?

It is a tough one. Many of our peers need DJing to pay their bills and feed themselves so these times have hit some countries very hard, just in a general job-loss kind of way. It is unfortunate we don’t have parties and can’t be playing and traveling, yes, I just really feel for the people who have a lot more riding on their DJ career than making it to the next destination to play. Resident DJs and those who rely on playing music to survive, my heart goes out to them. 

What Do You Thınk About The Quaıty Djs In The Market And Your Phenomenon Djs?

It’s a passionate scene. The tools are there for us to create strong Producers and DJs out of ourselves if we put in the time. I’m surrounded by quality DJs who I would definitely call phenomenal. 

Can You Be A Dj Wıth Innate Talent? Or Could It Be A Natural Dj Talent?

You can learn to DJ. You can learn to mix and pick nice tracks that work well together. You can sit and make mixes without any mistakes and have the final recording sound great. But put yourself on a stage, and the gear doesn’t work, your USB doesn’t load, a speaker blows, it starts to rain and the crowd runs for cover… except the one guy that looks like he might throw up on your CDJs… That’s when you find out what what kind of DJ you are. 

What Are Your Recommendatıons For New Djs?

Use the tools out there, get to know them like the back of your hand. Try not to second-guess yourself or get too into your own head and trust your rhythm and abilities. Be prepared, always be prepared and if you’re prepared, no matter what kind of gear you use, you will have a great time. 

Is It Intentıonal For Djs To Use Female Vocals? Or Is It Just A Coıncıdence?

There have actually been a lot of tunes lately with incredible male vocals. Ironically, I am starting to prefer male vocals in Prog House and Melodic Techno… I think the female vocal thing is just an outdated thing of the past, simply because women would be more likely to be the singer than the producer in 2000. It’s 2021 now and the track should dictate whether it needs a male or female vocal, or better yet, what texture, versus just seeing who is out there and available to sing (like 20 years ago). We have more creative choices. 

Is There A Standard For Electronıc Musıc In The World? And Do You Thınk There Is An Improvement?

It would be cool if we could stop copying the popular tracks at any given moment and make the music that is inside us, instead of someone else or something that has been done and overdone. Listening to promos is painful at times. It sounds like some just use the same template. You can click through the whole track and have it sound the same, start to finish. I guess that is what makes discovering a great tune so special… When you find it, it really is music to your ears! 

What Do You Thınk Of Now You Tech?

Really impressed with all you are doing to make this channel a success. Your artwork and management are really professional and you’re giving artists a solid platform to trust in. Well done!