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In 2018 she started her professional career by studying DJ Academy. During this time, she got more than 100 stages in popular places and many domestic and international labels have shared with the same stage. Also she got stages 5 times in a big festivals in Turkey. Her career in electronic music style in 4 different sets on SoundCloud listened total 17.000 times and her set's have been published the Turkey's leading electronic music radios. Focusing on her career abroad, Hande Tura continues to perform successfully in Techno, Acid, Melodic and Tech House genres in many countries such as Bangladesh, Lebanon, Finland and Spain.

How Dıd You Get Into Djıng?

I graduated from the DJ academy in 2017, I started. It has been my dream to be a Dj since I was a child. Electronic music has been instrumental in this sense it is the only music branch I have found me.

Is There A Dj That You Inspıres You And See As An Idol?

Electronic music has so many different styles and melodies. Saying a single name as an idol would limit me. I closely follow many local and foreign DJs and producers who do their job properly.

Does The Dj Absolutely Have To Have Notation And Musıc Knowledge?

Definitely yes. In fact, this determines our respect for our job.

Does The Dj Have A Retırement Age Or A Tıme To Quıt? Can You Be Left Djıng?

As long as his passion for DJing is not over, I think it would be inappropriate to quit. But the trick is to keep yourself up to date and not be closed to innovations.

Is There A Mıx, Song, Or Track You Wouldn’t Mınd If I Dıdn’t Play At A Party?

I act according to the place you play, the time, and most importantly the Crowd. For this reason, there is no fixed part.

Do They Have A Goal In Musıc And Djıng?

A DJ without a goal is doing this for hobby purposes.

How Have You Been Affected By Covıd-19?

Even though every sector has been affected, not only DJs but everyone including tonmaster, Lighting, Boss, Operator, PR, Security, Guards, Waiters and cleaning staff is completely stopped. It would be selfish to just look at the subject as a musician.

How Can You Explaın The Dj’s Sıtuatıon Durıng The Pandemıc?

Except for the musicians who turn this process into an opportunity and produce, we cannot do anything.

What Do You Thınk About The Quaıty Djs In The Market And Your Phenomenon Djs?

Every DJ has an audience. But it would be wrong to say phenomenal DJs. They are not DJs, just show business people.

Can You Be A Dj Wıth Innate Talent? Or Could It Be A Natural Dj Talent?

I think people who don’t have an ear for music can’t be DJs. Anyone can learn DJ Setup, but mixing is the ability to crowd control.

What Are Your Recommendatıons For New Djs?

People should never say they are professionals, they should learn constantly. This also means respect for labor and veterans.

Is It Intentıonal For Djs To Use Female Vocals? Or Is It Just A Coıncıdence?

I think this is a coincidence. If the frequency is suitable, male vocal songs can be very appropriate.

Is There A Standard For Electronıc Musıc In The World? And Do You Thınk There Is An Improvement?

Compared to the past, the number of electronic music listeners is increasing. Turkey coming from behind than the global audience about it. But having a certain audience leads to better things.

What Do You Thınk Of Now You Tech?

Now You Tech is a music sharing platform with a quality line and sharing. I am also happy to be a member of the Now You Tech family.