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Rich Vom Dorf, a strange foreign artist name, isn’t it? But it´s meaning is easily explained when you know that the guy behind the project is called Richard and "Vom Dorf" means "from the village" in the German language. Born in the eighties in the countryside he discovered electronic music in the early nineties and what had begun as a passion led to a full-time job as DJ, promoter, producer, and owner of the label "Tächno". The style of his productions and sets vary from indie dance to deep emotional progressive house or happy tech house. This maybe is a wide range of sound but all this music has one thing in common - it´s made to please your heart. This year has been an amazing one for rich cause two of his tracks reached number one in the traxsource progressive house Top100 and he had various other chart positions with his music. You really should keep an eye on this guy.

How Dıd You Get Into Djıng?

As a young little boy in the early nineties, i had my first contact with electronic music and since then it was a major part of my life and a long way through the scene in the following years. I started as a raver boy, then i wrote little articles about partys in magazines, more then twenty years ago i made my first steps at home playing and trying to produce music. And now i am playing in public for over 15 years and i am self employed with the music since eight years.

Is There A Dj That You Inspıres You And See As An Idol?

When i was young i had many idols, but nowadays not really to be honest.

Does The Dj Absolutely Have To Have Notation And Musıc Knowledge?

I think this is very very helpful and can make a set much much better. Sometimes i was standing in a club and the keys of the two tracks that a DJ was mixing where not fitting together. This is always super disturbing for my ears and then i think to myself “this DJ should learn about notation”.

Does The Dj Have A Retırement Age Or A Tıme To Quıt? Can You Be Left Djıng?

Never ever – i will do this as long as my body will allow me to do this.

Is There A Mıx, Song, Or Track You Wouldn’t Mınd If I Dıdn’t Play At A Party?

It totally depends on the audience in front of me

Do They Have A Goal In Musıc And Djıng?

To travel the world playing music – i already saw a few countrys because of my work but i would be happy if it will be more in future.

How Have You Been Affected By Covıd-19?

Things are not easy since all this started in spring and all the clubs got closed. In summer i had some AMAZING gigs but now its almost two month ago that i played in front of an audience cause everything is closed again here in germany. I miss it sooooo much to make people dance and to give them a nice time on the floor.

How Can You Explaın The Dj’s Sıtuatıon Durıng The Pandemıc?

If you are self employed like i am its hard cause you cant earn money – but i am lucky to live in germany where the government gives a little help with this – in other countrys its much more complicated. And beside the money its a bit depressing when you are not able to do what you are supposed to do. At the moment i have more time to produce music but i miss to be in front of an audience.

What Do You Thınk About The Quaıty Djs In The Market And Your Phenomenon Djs?

Well well well, this is a hard question. Cause what is a quality DJ? Many people (especially the customers) would call a DJ quality when he is famous. But fame isnt necessarily quality. Somehow quality is if a DJ is able to give the crowd a super nice time. But if you are playing simple hard techno its not too complicated to mix the tracks and to be quality. If you play a bit more complex music it needs more skils to be quality … Much respect for everyone who is skilled, quality and phneomena the same time!

Can You Be A Dj Wıth Innate Talent? Or Could It Be A Natural Dj Talent?

I think yes – there are people who are born into this world to be a DJ. But even with talent you need a lot of practice.

What Are Your Recommendatıons For New Djs?

Practice practice practice.

Is It Intentıonal For Djs To Use Female Vocals? Or Is It Just A Coıncıdence?

Hmmm – i like both – female and male vocals.

Is There A Standard For Electronıc Musıc In The World? And Do You Thınk There Is An Improvement?

I would say we have too many standard DJ´s in the eclectronic music scene cause it was getting more and more easy to become a DJ in the last years. And standards are never good to improve things.

What Do You Thınk Of Now You Tech?

Respect for a podcast series with almost 170 Sets!