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Umut is a DJ and Producer born in Istanbul in 1993. Umut has been making music since 2007 and still continues to produce his own songs. He started his career with Hip-Hop music, but he changed his mind over the years and felt freer in electronic music. Although he likes to reflect his emotions without being dependent on any style, he recently likes to blend progressive and melodic elements with House and Techno rhythms. In addition to many independent songs, he has also worked with record companies such as Duenia Records, LAIKA Sounds, and Trippy Code Records.

How Dıd You Get Into Djıng?

Before I started DJing I was already interested in music production. After a while, I thought it would be very exciting to be able to play my songs to an audience and get real-time feedback from them. I completed my training necessary to DJing and production training then I started taking the stage in various cities of Turkey. I served as an instructor at a studio attached to the Pioneer DJ in Turkey between the years 2017-2020.

Is There A Dj That You Inspıres You And See As An Idol?

I can find inspirational points in many DJs’ stories or music. But when we look at it as pure DJing, Carl Cox’s place is always separate.

Does The Dj Absolutely Have To Have Notation And Musıc Knowledge?

I think the most important issue for the DJ is to be able to read and manage the audience correctly. However, note and music theory knowledge are the most important factors that affect you in making a difference in DJing.

Does The Dj Have A Retırement Age Or A Tıme To Quıt? Can You Be Left Djıng?

I don’t think it’s something that can be left as long as health allows, most of us are passionately attached.

Is There A Mıx, Song, Or Track You Wouldn’t Mınd If I Dıdn’t Play At A Party?

I will surely steal from my own pieces or edits, seeing the immediate reactions is invaluable.

Do They Have A Goal In Musıc And Djıng?

My goal is to be a global artist, I work for this every day. The more people I can share my feelings with in every song I make, the happier I am.

How Have You Been Affected By Covıd-19?

Venues were closed, the music was silenced, we had to do other jobs in order to survive. We now have less time to make music. Both its financial and psychological effects have been enormous, and this effect continues to grow exponentially. I’m very sorry for everybody trying to make music in Turkey.

How Can You Explaın The Dj’s Sıtuatıon Durıng The Pandemıc?

Like all professions, DJs are going through a difficult process. We are trying to survive. Hopefully, when everything is back to normal, we can easily overcome the effects of this period.

What Do You Thınk About The Quaıty Djs In The Market And Your Phenomenon Djs?

I see phenomenal DJs as a different category of the entertainment industry. Their work cannot be described as DJing or musicians, but there is no need to throw up hate, it is a matter of supply and demand.

Can You Be A Dj Wıth Innate Talent? Or Could It Be A Natural Dj Talent?

Nothing can be done with just innate talent, talent helps you, but if you don’t work hard, your talent doesn’t matter.

What Are Your Recommendatıons For New Djs?

Listen to a lot of sets, not be stuck in one style. Of course, they should have a style, but they should always be open to innovation. There is something to be learned from everyone, of all styles, so they never stop learning.

Is It Intentıonal For Djs To Use Female Vocals? Or Is It Just A Coıncıdence?

I don’t think there is a specific reason.

Is There A Standard For Electronıc Musıc In The World? And Do You Thınk There Is An Improvement?

With the advancement of technology, we can access so many resources on the internet, and as we increase our chances of accessing these sources, we can get closer to global sounds in terms of both creative and mix mastering. I think everyone who catches the right resources and works without giving up will achieve success one day.

What Do You Thınk Of Now You Tech?

It is a formation that I follow with pleasure as a listener. It allows me to discover new artists and music, especially when we stay at home. I hope it gets in much better places in the future.