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Jeff Mills Starting A New Project: Paradox

Paradox: a questionable statement or claim that is well – founded or may be true when examined or disclosed. As Now You Tech, we researched for you, let’s take a look at the innovations together.

Jeff Mills and Jean – Phi Dary is proven, improvised artists. So the spark between them quickly jumped when they started their new project – a Jazz Project: The Paradox. The two records on this album are spontaneous jam sessions. Jeff and Jean-Phi believed that with maximum freedom, they could find a higher state of consciousness in their music. They recorded the result in their new album.

No computer or MIDI was used in production. Mills and Dary wanted to limit the musical instruments available to them. Mixing made production more difficult in times of epidemics. However, the two eventually completed their joint work even over long distances. The Paradox duo was formed after a joint performance with legendary Nigerian drum artist Tony Allen, who passed away on April 30.

Released Soon

The Counter Active should be an example of how two heads can network without compromise and creative conditions. There was no limit on record. Music represents who we are and exactly what we want to say. The title ‘Active Against’ refers to the duty to take initiative. A plan and a sketch. The design of the front cover was actually done before the music ended. ” In fact, we remembered the limitless freedom we struggled with this image” (Jeff Mills)

Paradox’s “Counter Active” album will be released on January 29, 2021, via Axis Records.

As Now You Tech, our favorite song on this album is “Super Solid“.