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New Feature Of Deezer

Famous music service Deezer, which reaches 56 million music tracks by 16 million active users worldwide, announced its new feature.

Have you ever searched for a song that you just can’t remember? Maybe just the refrain in your mind? Or that one line on your tongue? Do not worry. You don’t need anything else in Deezer’s new “search by words” feature. It only takes a few words to remember. Deezer finds that song.

Renewed Feature

The feature can be used, for all songs that contain lyrics on the application. All you have to do is go to the search bar and enter at least 4 words from the lyrics of the song. This new feature is currently available to Deezer web users. Coming Soon to Deezer desktop application.

Deezer Chief Product and Technology Manager Matthieu Gorvan said that music lovers have millions of songs at their fingertips and it is easier to remember some of the lyrics than the name of a song, “Our job is to make our listeners reach the songs they want quickly and easily” said.

The song search feature with lyrics is available to all paid and free users except child profile users.