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Novation Introduces New Circuit Tracks Groovebox

As Now You Tech, today we will introduce Circuit Tracks, the newest member of NovationCircuit Groovebox family. Circuit Tracks comes with two polyphonic digital synthesizer channels for mobile working, four drum tracks, lots of creative effects and functions. Therefore it is the perfect tool for dynamic and modern creators.

It’s Design

Speed ​​sensitive pads and tactile controls (with customizable patches) allow producers to merge with their music. The sound can be defined down to the smallest detail, thanks to microchip, probability, and mutation. Circuit Tracks works without a screen and aims to impress, with its speed, intuition, and simplicity without complicated digital menus, and it works exceptionally well.

novation Circuit Tracks Groovebox ile ilgili görsel sonucu


Thanks to its robust ship compact design and rechargeable battery, this Groovebox is particularly suitable for manufacturers who are on the go and dependent on mobility. Despite its, relatively small size, Circuit Tracks has an enormous sound potential brought about by two polyphonic Synth engines. Hundreds of presets created by artists guarantee the perfect foundation for producing unique sounds. Samples can also be loaded, shaped, and sequenced using four drum channels using a microSD card.


MIDI-In, Out and Thru, and analogue synchronization allow the Groovebox to, perfectly match with other devices. Control and programming of external devices such, as drum computers or effects devices can be, easily implemented thanks to the two MIDI sequencer tracks. External sounds can be brought into circuit parts and edited through the audio inputs.

Like all Novation devices, Circuit Tracks is supported, by the Novation Components Application. The browser-based and standalone application allows the user to dive deep into the synth engine, create patches with separate macros. It also allows you to load samples, create MIDI templates, save projects, and apply new sounds created by artists.

Circuit Tracks is on sale for 399.99 Euros.

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