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Online Concert For Beethoven by Google

Google is preparing many memorial events for artists. Preparing for one of these, Google is also preparing a comprehensive online collection. If he were alive today, Ludwig van Beethoven would turn 250 years old on 17 December. That’s why Global Ode to Joy, an international video project, commemorates the famous composer.

Online Concert for Ludwig Van Beethoven

This concert, organized as part of the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth in December 2020, was created to be an alternative to the concert halls that closed during the coronavirus period and the expected big celebrations. The project was brought to life because we think we need music and Beethoven’s messages of unity, togetherness, and joy more than ever.

It hosts artists, orchestras, and people from all over the world in Global Ode to Joy, which includes creating and sharing videos that spark joy. Google is also the Google Arts Culture app and offers it to people online. It will go live on December 3, 19:30, USA time.

There will be Online Concerts with 10 Orchestras

Since it was an epidemic, concert performances were expected on six different continents throughout this year, but the coronavirus epidemic brought things to the online environment.

An online concert with 10 orchestras from all over the world was decided and planned under the leadership of Google. Supported by 18 international cultural communities, the project is organized in memory of Ludwig van Beethoven.

In this event, artists from all over the world were asked to share their joyful videos. A selection of these videos will be played during Global Ode to Joy and donations will be collected through Music for Relief. These donations go to musicians affected by the epidemic and struggling financially.


A Worldwide Project For Beethoven’s 250th Birthday