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Plug-In Recommendations For Those Who Mix With Headphones

In this article we have prepared, we have compiled several different plug-in examples for those who mix using headphones. In this way, it will be a very useful content for those looking for different and good plug-in advice. For those who know more or less the importance of plug-ins, let’s state how useful it is when mixing with headphones. As Now You Tech, we have compiled plug-in examples for those who want to mix with headphones.

Let’s get to plug-in examples for those who mix with headphones.

CanOpener Studio (GoodHertz)

A simulation is also offered with an algorithm developed by GoodHertz. Many different features such as mono listening are also provided on the plug-in to adjust treble and bass settings. You can download and use this plug-in very easily.

Abbey Road Studio 3 (Waves)

Developed by Waves, this plug-in is actually a plug-in that helps bring the acoustic system in Abbey Road Studio 3‘s control room literally to your headset. It also allows you to choose between near-field, far-field, monitors in the room to listen. It also offers you the opportunity to make a comparison between them. The plug-in also offers surround listening to your standard headphones. You can mix with headphones very well by choosing this plug-in.

Redline Monitor (112dB)

This plug-in, developed by the 112dB company, is actually a plug-in that simulates through the crossfeed algorithm. It is very simple and easy to use. Mono listening has different features with which you can reverse dimming and phase. By getting this plug-in, it will be easier to mix with headphones.

Nx Virtual Mix Room (Waves)

This plug-in developed by Waves comes up with Nx technology. When you want to work in a different room, you can choose the Mx Virtual Mix Room plug-in. Apart from the surround formats, the standard stereo headset also offers the opportunity to listen in Ambisonics B-format.