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Alexandra Kobzeva is a passionate amateur techno DJ born in small city of Kazakhstan. Without any ambition, in 2018 she had the opportunity to move to Istanbul to study but she wasn’t unaware that soon, something would make her fall in love with techno music. In a random day, in a random party, with her friends the music that she was listening did something inside of her, she started to feel the rhythm and later in the evening she was totally involved.

Later she started to learn and understand how to transmit her music to others, step by step her ability evolved in something more and more appreciated and many owners of locals and festival started to invite her to play making her audience loving Alexandra’s sound. Nowadays she came back to Kazakhstan bringing with her this music or, better to say, this passion. She has learned how to transform a simple sound in a real electronic music that brings your body totally involved in a non-stop limbo and her goal will be to be one of the pioneer of the young flow of Electronic Music in Kazakhstan.

Alexandra Kobzeva