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Born in 1987, Istanbul. Since 15 years of age, he started playing drums with underground music groups. For about 10 years, he participated in concerts, recordings and European tours with different bands. In 2015, he started his career as a DJ with his interest in electronic music through the years. In 2018, his performances highly improved with appearing at festivals like Magic Break, Deadmau5, Big Burn and Into the Woods. He also warmed up dj s like Deborah de Luca and Undercatt with the playing spectacular sets. While he is never compromising on melodies and energy in his sets, he released his first single “Keymaker” with Zafer Atabey, boss of My Primus Records. In 2020, he released his next track, sensational “Merovingian” by Monkey Project Records. More to come, on the way…

Alican Baykara