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Passionate about dance music from a young age, Apex Sound started his musical journey in his early 20’s. Dedicating himself into music production, his tracks have been released at Black Hole Recordings sublabels Ultraviolet Music and OHM Deep State, as well as Sounds of trance, a sublabel of the legendary Netherlands based Mid-Town Records. Supported by artists like Omnia, Paul Hamilton, Karanda, Larsson (BE) and more, his music can be found frequently in various podcasts ans Spotify playlists and even made it into the Beatport trance hype top 100 list.

Also, his tracks have been played at various festivals and events. Ranging from the local techno festivals, up to Tomorrowland’s Rave Cave. Playing DJ sets isn’t an unknown feat to him as well, as he also is an experienced DJ, playing in local night clubs and festivals as well as creating his own online Sound Radar Podcast mixes. “I believe in creating music that isn’t confined to a single genre. Whether it’s trance, progressive or techno, my aim is to make music that will move you. It should lift you away while listening to it passively, make you turn up the volume while on the road or make you dance to it’s rhythm on your nightly club or festival visit.”

Apex Sound