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Istanbul based DJ-Producer, Berfu believes that music is the most important communication tool in the world and has always expressed herself through music. Previously, she experienced playing with various instruments, but in 2009 she felt most connected with the decks and has been dedicating her life to her vibrant DJ career ever since. Berfu used to work as a PR manager in various famed clubs because of her insatiable interest in night life, dance and music. She always dreamt of being in the DJ cabin and with the education she received through Pioneer Academy, her career officially started.

Despite the most fascinating genres for her is disco, house, techno; she loves to combine different genres on her sets. Berfu strives to reflect her free spirited colourful soul into the sets that she creates, rather than limiting herself to one genre.

As a DJ, she played in various famous venues, clubs and festivals throughout her 11 year career. Thanks to her vibrant aura, Berfu always keeps the dance floor warm and packed with good vibes, and makes people dance with euphony. She is also the founder of “the night is female” movement, to overcome the discrimination and sexism against women in the music industry through various successful events and parties.

Berfu strongly believes that she can heal and change the world with music for the better. She looks forward to greeting the dance music lovers as a producer with her forthcoming EP soon.



melodic house