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BILBONI is an artistic nickname for Slovene musician Goran Bilbija. His early starts in the field were marked by attending and concluding a music school, where he learnt to play the accordion. As a teenager, his passion for music accelerated to the point where he would spend all his monthly pocket money on borrowing/buying new records. Growing up, he started tasting the club life. Drawn by the electronic sounds, he would always be the last to go home, waiting to get DJs’ latest tracks on plates. BILBONI started his musical journey more than 20 years ago with electronic music. He also produced other musical genres, but is still best characterised by Techno and Tech House music.

In the 1990s, he created a successful band which soon came under the wing of the top record labels. After a while, he decided to work in the background and create music for the famous names in music “ghost production“

In the recent years, BILBONI is fully devoted to creating his own electronic music. He has already gained trust of the best producers and DJs who are at the very top of the electronic music industry today. His music has been supported by the well-known record labels Say What?, Funk’n Deep, Renesanz, Mars From Mars, Airborne Black, Reload, Black Kat, Gain records, Fierce Animal Rec., Great Stuff, Noexcuse, SK recordings, Bonzai Progressive…/ and DJs, such as Joseph Capriati, Richie Hawtin, Fabio Florido, Sam Paganini, Spartaque, Cristian Varela, Yellowheads, Dr. Motte, Rebekah, Marco Carola, Loco Dice, Paco Osuna ,Stacey Pullen, Neverdogs and many others. BILBONI is a synonym for those who love high-quality electronic music and want something “more”.