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Julie Petrecca was born in 1981 in Montreal. Since childhood, Julie is introduced to music as she grows up practically in the recording studio own by her father Antoine Petrecca, a musician and photographer and former sound engineer. He quickly transmits his passion and his interest for the world of music to his daughter. Having always wanted to learn how to compose, Julie has greatly paid attention to several musical styles, now extended over a wide range, a wide library of music variety of great quality. Her influences are the ska, Reggea, Folk, Jazz, Funk, old classics of the ’60s ,’ 70s and ’80s , World Beat , Ambiance, Hindu and Native American music , Old School Hip Hop and among others, the French rap ( in her favorites). In her late teen, she discovers Electronic music and her passion for music grows even more alongside another passion of hers, that of dance. Dance … this liberating medium, therapeutic and that freedom of expression. 

Julie Petrecca