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Keremeris is from Istanbul.He had started to collect archives with an interest on house techno and rave music at high school. He had started his professional dj career at the south Turkey on hotels and clubs in 1996. In 1997 he started to work in a professional sound & light company and he had worked on big organizations with them. Until 2004 he played as resident dj on Cesars, Buddha and some other clubs; parties and organizations in Istanbul had followed up those. Funky / club house and deep house always had been a part of his entire life. Nowadays he is playing as resident dj at IF Besiktas Performance Hall.

Previously Line Music Club for 12 years.He works on mixing, and editing on lots of bands records in Studio Fil Music Productions. In 2009 he produced his first maxi single LIFE (Rene Records / Spain),then Audioknob’s CIRCLE (4clubrecords/Germany) songs remix.At the beginings of 2010 he made and released BLACKLIGHT (Cobalt / US) maxi single and in the summer of the same year he also made released MONO (Rene Records /Spain) maxi single and this winter SEX GAME(Rene Records /Spain) and more… Except these his musics play in local and international radio stations. In addition to playing as dj, he continues his carrier as a Producer, Remixer, Tonmaister/DJ and plays turntables with live music bands on stages….