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Mozzy Rekorder is Nicola Trento’s new techno music project. Italian artist with over 15 years of production behind him, since the beginning of his career he has been trying to experiment with new industrial sounds with old 90s trance and techno sounds. Its journey begins more than 15 years ago with the artistic name “Mozzy”.

He focuses on very hard Grooves mixed with breaks and neotrance trips, always experimenting with everything new and experimental that goes through his head. He entered the beatport charts in the hardtechno category hundreds of times in the following years.

In the meantime, he enjoys being a DJ in the nightlife of the Paduan area and its province. In 2014 the turning point, a chance encounter with Luca Morris (multi-affirmed artist of European techno) gives birth to an incredible harmony between them.

The two often close in the studio together and begin the long journey that will lead them to have a brotherly bond over the years. In 2015 Mozzy opens its exclusive label: LIMBO RECORDS Created to make room for less famous emerging artists, but with talent and desire to make themselves known to the professional world.

In December 2016 Mozzy, however, is a little tired of all this “banal HARDTECHNO” (as he defines it) … he wants to experience something more complex, more complete and more difficult, which still gives him strong emotions and at the same time moves challenges to overcome. It is precisely at this moment that the relationship with Luca solidifies even more.

They begin to work continuously to look for new horizons where techno mixes with modern trance sounds … It is at this very moment (January 2017) that Mozzy decides to change his artistic name Become Mozzy Rekorder, erase the past and start from scratch New music, new ideas, new goals.

Mozzy Rekorder