Now You Tech


Techno is the word. The love for hard kicks, fast-hitting hats, and deep dark baselines brought two friends together to create the DJ duo TRUXX. The two guys from Amsterdam found out about their passion for techno a long time ago in the nightlife of Amsterdam. Festivals, clubs, and warehouse raves were on the agenda each weekend. From the legendary techno parties from awakenings to the small club nights in venues like Shelter, these are all places that inspired the boys. In late 2018 all these techno nights and days brought TRUXX to mix and produce their own music. They have started off posting various harder styles of techno, derived from the legendary Reaktor parties in Amsterdam. Cutting-edge techno can be found in their mixes. Music from the likes of Dax J, Setaoc Mass, Vladimir Dubyshkin, and Anastasia Kristensen passes by in their mixes.