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The 6 Best Music Phones for Music Lovers

As Now You Tech, we have selected 6 phones that stand out with their musical abilities, for those who put music listening on their phones in the first place.

Most high-end phones do not include a headphone jack. Fortunately, there are still those who do this, and some without headphone jacks have good sound quality.

In this article, we have considered both those who want to get a good sound quality from the headphones and those who expect strong sound from the phone’s speakers. Of course, we also took into account the sound quality achieved over Bluetooth. At the top of our list is the LG V60 ThinQ, which shows great sensitivity to the headphone jack. Apart from this phone, there are great phones from Sony, Google, and Razer that you can choose according to your expectations.

LG V60 ThinQ

Although not as popular as Samsung right now, LG’s V60 still comes with a headphone jack. The phone does not stop there, it can present sounds in more detail thanks to its Quad-DAC (digital to analog) component.

“Quad” means “quad” DAC does not mean four times higher sound quality. What the LG V60 does is analyze the digital signal four times in parallel. These analyzes are compared and checked and errors are eliminated. This results in a cleaner sound with a low noise ratio. We can say that the LG V60 significantly improves the sound compared to wired connections in other phones.

The V60 also offers an equalizer-like “digital filter” function. There’s also a DTX: X 3D Surround mode, although we don’t recommend it for standard parametric EQ and music.

Samsung Galaxy S20

Galaxy S20 has the ability to create an above-average sound thanks to its powerful sound capabilities. The phone supports DSD 64/128 and 32-bit PCM, which you cannot find on Spotify. The device has Dolby Atmos support. In the movie theater, this usually means speakers placed in the ceiling to give depth to the sound. On the phone, additional operations are performed to increase the size and scale of the sound. We can say that this feature works for movies rather than music when using headphones.

The speakers on the Galaxy S20 are good enough too.

iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 Pro stands out for its awesome speakers and the wireless music experience provided by the Apple H1 or W1 chipset. If you buy a Beats Solo Pro or Apple AirPods Pro, you will have virtually no problems pairing the headset and overall stability. However, let’s say that you will need to use a converter to connect a 3.5 mm headset on the iPhone 11 Pro.

Razer Phone 2

If you care about the volume of the phone, the speakers of the Razer Phone 2 will delight you. The Razer Phone 2’s biggest drawback is not having a headphone jack, but you get a 24-bit DAC with the 3.5mm converter in the box.

Google Pixel 3a

The Google Pixel 3a is actually better for music than the newer Pixel 4 because it comes with a headphone jack. Although the headphone output does not offer the best sound quality on the market, considering the relatively affordable price of the phone, it deserves to be on our list. Pixel 3a, which also has powerful speakers, is a phone that will please you from every angle with its clean software, good design, great camera, and beautiful screen.

Sony Xperia 1

Sony’s high-end phone Xperia 1 does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack. However, the device has stereo speakers and an unusual “dynamic vibration” feature. This function, which works similar to the vibration of game handles, makes the phone vibrate with the rhythm. Of course, it can be safely argued that this function does not work.

However, the speakers above and below the Sony Xperia 1 offer a powerful and stereo effect. Here the upper speaker gives more treble; middle and bass sound come out from the lower speakers.