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8 Best Beat Maker Apps for iOS and Android

Today, as Now You Tech, we will share with you the 8 best Beat Maker apps for iOS and Android. Who would say 15 years ago you could make a rap beat at the beach, in the park, while flying to Ibiza? People could laugh at that. But since the launch of smartphones in 2007, technology has progressed rapidly, and Storage has also increased.

Music-making has become easier and more professional with the increasing number of applications in recent years. The rhythm goes with you wherever you are, as long as your muse is with you. The number and quality of music production apps on iOS is far ahead of those on Android. Therefore, apps for the iPhone world will have a small advantage.


Bandlab ranks 1st in the list of the 8 best beat maker apps for iOS and Android. This application is a free beat maker application. It can be used as iOS, Android and online editor. Bandlab has a large community that constantly refreshes itself, provides feedback and creates playlists. With this application, you can record and edit your voice or instrument on your smartphone. You can also create your own rhythms on drum machines. You can play melodies and edit songs on the Synthesizer.


The quality of what Apple offers in terms of sounds, instruments, and workflow is very successful. You can also download additional voices via in-app purchases. The standard version already has a lot of loops and instruments that you can start right away. You can sync your songs with Garageband on macOS and organize them there.

iMPC / iMaschine 2

When it comes to Hip Hop, there is usually no need for a complete music production app. Load the drum kit, play the beat, and you’re done. MPC is considered to be the mother of drum machines in terms of hardware. It is thought to revolutionize the hardware industry. Native Instrument’s MIDI controller machine has also become an indispensable part of today’s hip hop studios. There is also an iOS version where you can import most of the sounds from the original software.

FL Studio

At first, many music producers mocked FruityLoops. The music production app (DAW), renamed FL Studio, is now counted among the major DAWs like Ableton Live or Logic Pro. In Trap, as in EDM, the number of producers turning to FL Studio is increasing. It is the only DAW to offer mobile versions for iOS and Android. It’s not exactly cheap compared to many music apps, but the multi-platform approach is exemplary. You can also produce great beats with it.

SPC & Music Drum Pad

Finally, an app for Android! SPC Music Drum Pad is an application used to create beats only on Android smartphones. It’s visually a bit old, but it doesn’t fall behind in a big competition in terms of workflow and sounds on iOS. This app is not free, but a basic version of 2.99 € is sufficient for the amount of version volume.

Music Maker JAM

You can choose from more than 300 additional sound packs for free in the app’s own store. The music focus is EDM and Trap, but it also serves jazz and Latin enthusiasts. You can directly upload your finished songs to Soundcloud and YouTube. You can rearrange finished projects from other manufacturers and continue to use them.


Creating a rhythm is not that difficult! Especially for beginners, you may be disappointed by technical impossibilities. Heatwave’s surface is designed simply so you can start making music right away. It is very, simple and fun to get started. In addition to the free entry-level version, you can get over 200 additional instruments from the sound store.

Ninja Jamm

If there’s a problem with creativity, it’s a great idea to supplement the vocal part of a song with a new original song. With Ninja Jamm, Ninja Tune company developed an application that makes this very easy. The application itself is free. However, if you want to remake Ninja Tune Artist Amon Tobin, you should buy it from his store. The application is available for iOS and Android.

In this article, we shared with you the 8 best beat maker apps for iOS and Android. Do not forget to share your music with your loved ones. Stay with the music.