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The Emergence Of Underground Music

Underground music, which started In The Slums Of America in the 1960s and 70s, progresses to England after America. The period when the first examples of Rap / Hip Hop style songs were given was odd. However, after a short while, underground music fans have increased day by day due to the fact that it expresses the truth, offers a different style of entertainment and the rhythm that other music does not have. As Now You Tech, we have gathered everything necessary.

Underground Music in London

It didn’t take long before this new music genre, which is not yet very professional, reached England. Even if they have different accents, their use of common language has already caused the music industry of the two countries to influence each other for years. By the 1990s, Underground Music culture (rap music) spread all over the world, including the UK. In fact, international Hip Hop Music and Breakdance Festivals are organized for the first time in the 1990s. Then, the number of participants in these musical dance festivals increases every year.

British People’s Perspective on Underground Music

This spreading trend caused different opinions in England. For example, the same situation occurred in England, as underground music artists first emerged from blacks in America. They thought this new genre of music was black business. In fact, the section who saw underground music as vagrancy opposed the girls’ rap. But as time passes, thoughts of some racist or opposing views are broken. When it comes to the 21st century, British whites also start to be interested in underground music.

Britain’s Most Famous Underground Music Artists

  • Estelle Swaray
  • Plan B (Benjamin Paul Ballance-Drew)
  • Shystie ( Chanel Cali )
  • Ms. Dynamite ( Niomi Arleen MacLean – Daley )
  • Wretch 32 ( Jermaine Scott Sinclair )

The British artists mentioned above start by making underground music. Just like other Rappers, they worked diligently to be successful in both career and financial terms.