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The Five Best Sound Cards

A sound card is an important material for those who want to set up a studio at home. Choosing the best sound card affects the sound quality quite significantly. The power of the sound cards determines how many inputs and outputs the user needs. Users must first determine their needs and then shop within a common framework with their budgets. As Now You Tech, we present the necessary research on the subject for you.

Focusrite 2i2

These sound cards have come to the fore with their cheapness. It has a very good sound quality and its price is quite affordable for its quality. These sound cards have the feature of the mic line in dual. In addition, USB support can be provided and a 24-bit sampling feature is available. While sampling, its rate may increase up to 192 kHz. In addition, the sound card with extra high latency is covered with preamplifiers. It is presented to the user in a structure made of red and aluminum material. This sound card can record with 16 different channels and is sent with files containing 12 extra plugins.

Apogee Duet

Those who prefer quality well take care of A / D or D / A rotation. Quality sound cards provide better sound discrimination and are very good at details. This sound card will be ideal if you want to feel the difference between sounds and a sound card that is within the standards. This sound card measures the sound at the time of input and output. It has an OLED feature and allows the user to follow the sound instantly. It can sampling up to 24 bits at 192 kHz. It has 2 input and 4 output cables. These cables are compatible with iPhone and USB.

Behringer U-Phoria UMC22

The Behringer sound card is highly preferred because it has a microphone and XLR input feature. This sound card includes an instrument input and is very affordable. It has 48 kHz power and includes dual-channel and USB interface. It offers high-quality Midas preamp to its users and includes an option such as a 48-volt phantom. It is used with microphones such as condenser and ribbon and has a button directly connected to the screen. It provides instant soundtracking with this button. It can be used with a Mac as well as a PC and can be used with an extra 150 plug-ins. It is a very affordable sound card in terms of price and performance.

Universal Audio Apollo Twin DUO

This sound card can be described as the best sound card that has been interfaced with USB and has 10 separate inputs and 6 outputs in total. Its use must be on a Windows-compatible device and it has two separate microphone inputs. It also includes an optical input and three separate USB integration features. The delay time is negligible and can be used with a speed of 192 kHz. It allows the use of more plugins for mixing compared to other sound cards and can be monitored instantly from the monitor. It allows the use of these features with two sharc processors.

Presonus AudioBox Usb 96

This sound card is portable in size and weight. It has two channels and can be recorded at 96 kHz. Combo lifts on the sound card and there are main outputs. A quarter-inch jack headphone jack can be used as well as 48-volt phantom capability. It has an input for two separate microphones and has a USB interface. It can be preferred by people who want quality resolution. The only source it uses is the USB feature and does not require an extra charging source.