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Past and Future of Entertainment Venues

In the past, entertainment culture was dependent on taverns and casinos, now the new generation prefers nightclubs for entertainment. But there are some places that smell of history in their air. The memories of people who have been there remain on the walls. Such places survive as people stop by. It is the human who finally gives life to a stone building. Because when people approach their destination with sincerity, the time spent there turns into a good memory for them. As Now You Tech, we have compiled this topic for you.

World’s Oldest Entertainment Venues

Cumhuriyet Meyhanesi, Istanbul

It is located in Beyoğlu, one of the most popular spots in Istanbul. It is known that it was operated by Greeks before.

Webster Hall

Located in New York City of America, Webster Hall is among the oldest entertainment venues both in the United States and in the world.

Dorian Gray, Frankfurt

Dorian Gray, one of the first nightclubs to open in Frankurt, Germany, was opened in 1978 by Gerd Schüler and Michael Presinger.

Monte Carlo Casino

Located in Monaco, this 150-year-old casino has been one of the places where especially the European wealthy have spent money and have fun since the 1800s. The owner of Monte Carlo Casino makes his customers addicted to the place after a short time, as it offers people the opportunity to spend money by having fun.

Baden, Kurhaus

The construction of Baden Casino, one of the examples of neo classical architecture, dates back to the 1980s. The walls and ceiling of the place were carefully decorated and the historical atmosphere was supported by hanging various paintings on the walls.

With such different places, people can actually choose the ones that suit their wishes very comfortably. These beauties located all over the world allow the person to find a place in an area suitable for his mood. Some people like more fun environments, while others like melancholic environments. Therefore, there are environments that appeal to all segments.