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Heath Ledger And The Suicide Story

Many actors from world cinema came and passed many actors committed suicide. But none of them upset that much. As the Now You Tech team, we will tell you the legendary actress Heath Ledger and his suicide story in this article.

Heath Ledger was born in 1979 in Australia. Acting life; He began by travelling to the United States in 1998, playing in his debut movie “10 Things I Hate About You”.

First Award

2005 given by the Australian Film Institute.

Heath Ledger loved rainy weather and black and white movies. Ledger was a chess lover, and at the age of 10, he became a champion in Western Australia’s junior chess tournament. There were many projects he did not accept and returned to.

Ledger did not accept the role although he was one of the actors considered to play Spider-Man in the 2002 film based on the superhero Marvel comics published and directed by Sam Raimi.

Heath Ledger: Where It All Begins

Let’s go to the story, of the movie that will change the life of Heath Ledger: The Dark Knight!

Christopher Nolan first offered him the role of “Batman” in Batman Begins. But he turned down the offer and asked Nolan to give him the “Joker” character he originally wanted to play. He’s achieved this request with The Dark Knight and Nolan entrusted him with the role of the Joker. He wanted and prepared for this role so badly that he locked himself in a hotel room for 1.5 months and completely cut him off from the outside world. When it was reported in the media that Heath Ledger, will play the role of the Joker the reactions started to come one by one. Comic book fans and critics did not like the Ledger choice. And “Unlike the Joker in the comic book.” They used expressions to like. Nobody predicted that he would perform this well.

He improvised many scenes. This hospital scene is included in that. In this scene, the bombs didn’t go off in time and, Ledger showed off his masterful acting here as well. The shooting of the movie is completed. But Ledger can’t get out of character. It survives with the help of medications. It survives, with the help of medications.

Where Everything Ends

And while the film was in the editing phase, on January 22nd he was found dead at his home in New York for “high drug use”. Approximately 6 months later, that movie that caused the death of Heath Ledger is released. Almost all the awards that year went to Heath Ledger. Including Oscar. But his family will be on the stage to receive the award. Christopher Nolan blames himself for his death. But Ledger’s fans won’t allow it and insist on making the last movie of the series. Nolan makes the final movie in the series. But he swears to himself that he will never make a comic book movie again.

No one would even think of those years when a comic book movie would win an Oscar. But Heath Ledger breaks the impossible and becomes the Oscar winner of his first comic book movie. And thus, an era opens.

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