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Twitter ‘Blue Tick’ Applications Will Be Reopened

Twitter will activate the Blue Tick feature, which is suspended in its statement last day, with new verification processes at the beginning of next year.

This feature to be brought again will only belong to a certain group as it used to be.

Twitter Brings Back The Blue Tick Feature

Twitter announced on Tuesday that the Blue Tick feature, which was suspended about 3 years ago, will be revamped at the beginning of 2021.

It will also integrate the verification system with some kind of feedback method. The company’s announcement also confirmed the report by application researcher Manchun Wong in June, which suggested that the company is establishing a new verification system.

Which Accounts Will Be Verified

According to the information obtained, if no changes are made in the characteristics, the accounts that will be eligible for verification include government accounts, companies, brands, non-governmental organizations, media organizations, entertainment, sports, activists, organizers, and those who think Twitter has an impact on society.

The draft of the relevant policy, which you can find “here“, is expected to be published on December 17th.

On the other hand, an account that has been previously verified or will be newly verified can be removed from the tiki. Twitter will be able to get tiki if a user whose account has been verified changes their name or biography to mislead people about their real identity. The company will do this by linking the terms of service with a violation.