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Using a Reference Track in the Mix

A Comparison is made with a very good sound during Mixing. In the meantime, the sound used is called The Reference Track In The Mix. These parts are also used predominantly by people who are good at mixing and engineering. Thanks to the reference piece, the work focused on and another finished work are compared. With each comparison, the sound being worked on is enhanced even more. As Now You Tech, we have gathered the necessary information for you.

How to Choose a Reference Track?

It is very important to choose the part. People can choose a piece similar to their own work. It should be similar to the piece being studied as a type. It is more important for the person to do research rather than known parts. Find better than a popular song as a result of research and use it with better efficiency. After people get used to the use of reference parts, they can create their own Reference Track and include every style in this file. With the multiplicity of styles, the working area can be further expanded.

Keeping an Audio Folder in a Reference Track

Requires use in conjunction with DAW after the reference track has been selected. Nowadays, this process will be more difficult as the use of CDs is no longer available. The track to be used can be downloaded via streaming services or directly into DAW without downloading. However, in these options, the part is definitely not a complete form, but a compressed form. For this reason, very good research should be done for the part and a file with high resolution should be obtained. This can be done through an application called HD tracks.


The reference piece must necessarily match the piece being worked on. Even if they are not exactly equal, there should not be much difference between them. Comparisons can be made more accurately if identical parts are selected. The piece will be much higher than the piece being studied in its original form obtained on the Internet. For this reason, the level must be lowered in order for the parts to be equal in the DAW file.


Some factors should be considered between the reference piece and the piece being worked on. Sound balances, depths, dynamic fields, and intonations are very important in comparing parts. Instrument balances and frequency harmonies will be very important in this regard.