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What are Made Music Festivals in Turkey?

Many music festivals with different styles are held every year around the world. The name of this festival is different every year are made from a certain time in Turkey. Music festivals are one of the beautiful organizations that bring people together and create a different atmosphere for them to have fun. In this way, you have the opportunity to have a better time with festivals, even for a while. Since there are areas where you can buy and set up your tent at some festivals, you can spend a few days more productive and fun. Now You Tech as the music festivals held in Turkey has compiled for you.

İstanbul Music Festival

This festival, which is held between May and June every year, is held in Istanbul. The festival with different music groups has been one of the most popular festivals. You will be able to have fun in this festival where you will find the opportunity to listen to live performances closely.

Cappadox Festival

It is a music festival held in Cappadocia in June every year. Different artists come to this festival and perform live. Turkey is one of the festivals with the best and most original theme. If you are looking for a different festival where you will hit the bottom of the fun with its atmosphere, you should definitely go once.

İstanbul Jazz Festival

This festival is usually held between June and July every year. This music festival is really one of the different organizations. It allows you to see many famous names performing at the same festival. If you want to watch the live performances of local and foreign artists more closely, it can be among the festivals you can attend.

Chill-Out Bodrum Festival

This music festival, which is usually held in July, comes together with the unique nature of Bodrum. It is an organization with different artists. If you are looking for a festival where you will listen to different styles together, you can choose this festival in summer.

Big Burn Festival

It is one of the electronic music festivals held every year. This festival is among the music festivals that have just started to be organized. If you want to spend three days full of live and music, you should definitely attend this festival.

Bozcaada Jazz Festival

We offer one of the nice events for those who want to have a different experience and fun time at the end of July. You can spend very nice moments with Bozcaada Jazz Festival.

Electronica Festival

Turkey’s most extensive electronic music festival is held. With this festival, you can feel the fun at its peak. For electronic music lovers, this festival, which will continue for two years, will be a truly different experience.

Zeytinli Rock Festival

It is one of the most ambitious organizations held every year. Turkey is also organized by different names in different cities. But the most popular one is definitely Zeytinli Rock. If you are looking for a festival where you can listen to live performances of different artists for a few days, make sure to take time for this festival. It offers you an opportunity to take your tent and stay comfortably in the camping area.

Diynamic Festival

You can experience a different entertainment with this festival held in Istanbul. For those who are in love with electronic music, there will be a festival with different artists.